Learnings in life - Year 2021 Week 44

Oct 19, 2021 5 min read

I would like to start this one with a quote which is something that I think I should get framed coz I’m missing being that here. I’ll do a better job henceforth.

On with the Learnings…

  1. This is my problem, I only want to work on problems which are big. Yes, scalability of a problem/solution should be considered. But every big thing starts small. Really really small.

  2. The way to find that 1% of rare diamonds is to slog your way through the rest 99%.

    An example of something on similar lines. You need to slog for decades to be an overnight success.

  3. Don’t talk about the features. Talk about the delight or the problems you are solving for the consumer. It’s difficult but necessary to think from the customer’s POV. #BasicMarketing

  4. Here is a story from a founder who was selling the company & was negotiating with Steve Jobs. These interactions give great insights into what happens beyond those walls.

  5. Oh, Rose Island. What a movie! You gotta watch it. It’s about how a person goes off building a nation from scratch & almost succeeds :) It’s on Netflix here.

  6. In a thought something similar to Rose Island, every invention brings a lot many new kinds of questions to the table. As was the law before Airplanes, a person who owned the land, owned all the air space till heavens about it & this made planes flying over private properties tricky. Here is a thread on that & more similar stuff.

  7. The above problems were fairly simple, as we move into a more technologically embedded world, making sense of this is going to be way more difficult. Esp for law-makers & politicians who are generally aged & not really the experts on these topics. People adept at these & aware of loopholes would benefit immensely from this.

  8. This is the best time to be an employee. This is a great opportunity esp for somebody who’s looking to get into the space industry.

  9. a16z is really doing original stuff to help the best of the founders. All other VC firms are ages behind them. Here is them opening up their resources for the fintech founders. Great opportunity, both for the resources & getting on the radar of a16z. You can’t ask for more 👌

  10. Indian fintech looks to be reaching the grassroots. You can pretty much operate without negligible cash in the whole country. As long as your phone doesn’t run out of battery power, that is 😋

  11. Most startups from the inside look full of whiteboards & walls doubling up as boards used for brainstorming. To think of it, a startup looks more like a powered-up school. Why aren’t our schools built this way? Why aren’t kids thought stuff by building?

    I recently thought of really really basic HTML coding to my 8-year-old nephew & here is what he built first (Click Here). Since then he has been adding stuff to this on his own. Similarly, kids love building projects & art. Why can’t we mix learning(theory) with building(practicals)? I believe germans use this method?

    If you know of schools in India that do this, please do let me know. Thanks!

  12. Waking up is a meditation app. I like their punch line though. They talk about meditation to transform minds. I would really want to try this.

  13. A simple rule of giving feedback. It should be aimed at making the other person succeed.

  14. In a superb cool move, Blue Origin sent William Shatner from Star Trek into space & he says there is nothing that could beat this. This is damn cool.

  15. This is an open secret that Amazon has tried to outsell the sellers on the platform. It came out in this Reuters report too. Read the report here. I just wonder what made Amazon do this? Did sellers try to overpower Amazon & undercut its commission which made Amazon go on this route the first time? For the number of things that can be done in eComm & tech being the stronghold of Amazon what made Amazon take this route?

  16. A superb company culture document by Frappe👌 I would really like to know the stories & experiences which shaped this document, there are some great stories in there.

  17. Another breakdown of advertisement for a brand. #FuncitonalKnowledge

  18. Another ad breakdown of an eComm brand.

  19. Email marketing tips when doing a sale. #FunctionalKnowledge

  20. A reflect worthy story from somebody who went through the grind to learn the business of eCommerce.

  21. Space junk is really a major problem. It has threatened ISS & its operations more times than we would like. Four times it created an evacuation scare. Hmmm

  22. India ranks really low in the Global Hunger Index. I wonder why don’t we see, read or listen more about this? Something is not right, either we are blind or not getting the really important news on an everyday basis or this report is wrong. I dunno which is which.

    So the data for this by collected by a telephonic survey 🤷‍♂️

    Either way, we shouldn’t get complacent & this is something that needs a more detailed study.

  23. When building a company, start by reaching out to consumers, validating your idea, creating a community if possible.

  24. Here is a basic primer lesson in this video on how Art influences culture. & esp now with this Instagram & TikTok influence, we will probably see more & more of this. This is the famous #BellaCiao music & jumpsuit+Dali-Mask from #MoneyHeist in what looks to be a marriage function in some Indian Village. 🤯

    Now because substack doesn’t allow me to upload videos, I tried to find it on YouTube & here you have to make do with this Bella Ciao bhajan.

  25. I read this piece on China & Wang Huning & how his ideology has a far-reaching impact on China & hence the world. Amazing how ideology, culture & ultimately thought affect everything around us. Read this awesome piece here.

  26. The effect of global container & ship shortage is hitting Indian shores now. Rolex watches are sold out & are not getting refilled.

  27. Now is a really good time to be in enterprise software. I would add to say it’s more so for SMB’s. Everybody has come to the realization that software is as much needed as the hardware & people are ready to pay for software now.

  28. These Razors aka thumb-rules are amazing. “Don’t debate things that can’t be settled with experiments.” Goes up right there with “What is evidence that would help you change your mind.”

Cool Tools:

  1. eCommerce owners really grapple with handling & making sense out of the data they create on a daily basis. One of the ways brands do this is by having custom templates in the data studio for their PPC campaigns. Can use portermetrics to stitch all the data together using no-code.
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