Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 23

Jun 8, 2020 5 min read

So things coming back to normal. Hows the unlock treating you?

Here’s what I worked on this last week. Started a project along with @saurabh to document & list all the books recommended all the top leaders. One of the biggest problems when I want to read a new book, comes from being able to select one. So here is - ReadBetter, which documents & lists the books recommended by all the leaders. The project is still WIP, let me know if you would like to help me with this.

On with the learnings this week…

  1. Here is an awesome article on how a girl from Lucknow, who interned at SpaceX helped SpaceX with its booster landing. Read it here.

  2. This kid wrote to his idol on why the Idol should take him up as a student. Hats off to this kid. Wish I had 1% clarity of what this guy has.

  3. The power of twitter. A random makes a formal introduction between @chamath & @david_perell.

  4. Shopify is no longer e-commerce, its fintech. It has debit cards, gives credit & handles all account reconciliation. People dont need banks if their problems are getting solved at one place they frequent more often. Read about it here.

  5. A wonderful read on how one developer broke node.js. Node is a open source javascript framework which is used by multitude of web-apps.

    Now consider the below, when apps are dependent on such libraries.

  6. Genius don’t do different things. They just do things differently.

  7. The ability to ship is what separates men from boys!

  8. So Mitron app, the fastest growing app & ‘Remove China App’ gets removed from Google Store.

    But then they were back faster! Whats happening in the background?

  9. India & its Tax babus!!! Tiger Global’s #3.3 billion stake from Flipkart to Walmart comes under the tax radar, 2 years after the deal.

  10. And then this from the government.

    Employers claiming incapacity in paying wages must place balance sheets in court: Centre to SC

  11. Just love the show Rick & Morty. Its only outside our comfort zones is where growth is.

  12. People think its easy to move manufacturing out of China. Here is Tim Cook explaining that China is no longer cheap, its really expensive. But the kind & number of tooling experts available in China, is just not available anywhere else on the Globe. China is just irreplacable. Other countries looked down upon tooling & China promoted vocational training.

  13. This is the Government telling the Real-Estate sector as directly as possible, to cut their losses & get rid of the inventory. Government is really in no position to help any longer.

  14. Some amazing practical lessons in this thread from the founder of @unacademy. The biggest take-away for me is “Do some needle-moving stuff daily”

  15. This is crazy! Great content is timeless. How you define your terms is really important. Thats how you bring everybody on the same page. Different words different things to different people.

  16. Same goes with goals. Its important to define your goals pretty precisely or its so easy to lose the way.

  17. This one on Black Lives Matter.

    Here is some alternate viewpoint on the subject, which says that with regards to Blacks, though Racism does exist, its probably not to that extent as portrayed & what ever is, is probably rightfully so. I have not checked the facts but I always try to listen to conflicting opinions too. Thats how you makeup your mind. (Do read the whole thread.)

  18. How does the Army fight the country, whose music it loves? Would they put their gods/idols at risk? How do you fight if you have empathy for your opponent. Kind of what music & culture does. My mind is literally blown by this!

  19. You can acheive whatever you want. Age is no longer a limiting factor, proven by a 25year old getting a Rs. 47 lakh package.

  20. This one one how wonderfully India & the whole world is enjoying unlockdown! Governments all across the world have decided that livelihood is more important than life.

    See this bizzare case from Goa. Now high-profile people from Goa at risk..

    Like the tweet says, we are a test subject & results will be out soon.

    This is Marine drive from Mumbai & there are similar pictures from across the country.

    This is France after corona.

  21. How is the Unlock treating you . See this poll. People have really lost income at all strata of society.

  22. Now that Im in the world of coding, expect some tech related posts often. I have been studying about what kind of database is suited better for what kind of projects. Here is a pretty detailed & good comparision between SQL vs NoSQL.

  23. Humans are for the most bit simple, predictable & almost the same.

  24. This is the list of work that one feature addition adds to the pile. Think about what happens when a completely new software is designed. So think a 100 times before approving any feature request.

  25. One of the biggest life improvements one can make is, being probabilistic in their thinking, rather than thinking in absolutes. See this crazy statistics. Though the key factor in the below would be how do you arrive at the ‘1% population’ figure independently.

  26. Here is the dose of some weekly magic.

  27. Though I have posted about this earlier. A beautiful article on the livestream market in China.

    Here are my thoughts, Many Indian startups are trying to copy it. The problem is India doesn't have a middle class like China. Live streamers feed off well to do middle class.

    Somebody trying to do this in India should target housewives above 40. They have money & time & are looking for validation. If gamified will work superbly. Go-to-market is by free kitty parties.

    India doesn't have a China like market but still a few live streamers are already making money.

  28. So this amazing Idea seems would come to life upon a web-series to celebrate the curious genuises of India. Would love to be a part of this. Its my long held belief that, because Religion is celebrated it gets promoted esp when compared to Arts/Science/Tech, esp with regard to children.

    If we want children to value Arts, Science & Tech, we need to celebrate these. This project would be a step in that direction. Excited about it.

  29. Most awesome technologies are not held back by science but by economics. The biggest roadblock in the starlink project going mainstream is the cost of user terminals.

  30. Here is some blast from the past. Here the engineer from Sun Microsystems talks about how the cloud technology was developed 15years back. Just too early for its time? He compares that to Google Stadia, the gaming platform being developed by Google.

Tools & Resources:

  1. List of free Udemy courses. The forum keeps getting updated with latest.
  2. Are you looking for a mentor for your career or your business. Go on to http://theonehourmentor.org/
  3. Monster list of books on UX.
  4. Articles from web curates & sorted based on topic at readlist.in

Do let me know what you think about ReadBetter. Stay Safe!

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