Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 29 & 30

Jul 27, 2020 7 min read

So I missed out on writing this out last week. I guess Sunday suits best. Some iteration on the way. The thing is life is becoming hectic with all the side projects now coming closer to fruition. Some cool things coming soon….

So on with the learnings…

  1. Some learning from Hinduism. And its swastika.

    The above is Kama, not Karma. These are the four goals of life. This is deep.

  2. India the software destination of the world but can’t get a simple thing like results publishing online done properly! After decades of being at this! I don’t care how it is in the world over but today with flexible servers etc…. How difficult is this! So 12th CBSE Board results were declared last week & the servers crashed.

  3. Love this design. Want a home like this someday. Esp love the parking space niched out by the designer. Outstanding!

  4. So Google announced a $10Bn fund focussed at India. Its a different matter that 4.5Bn from this is just for Jio. The point is that the news is great. I wish a good part of this goes to hardware infra development as much as software.

  5. We get a very simple advise when young, to maintain a dairy. I think most of us ignore it. That advise is on point. Even better write on a public forum, not get audience but to become better at it. Communication is the most important tool in any arsenal.

    Also wish I knew that not everyone knows everything & have it all figured out. The knowledge that people pretend is a super-power in itself.

  6. When you journal, you make note of so much more, which would turn out to be valuable later. Video is best for it, as it takes in the most context.

  7. So various studies put Indian economic recovery at above 70%. I think they don’t know what they are talking about. What do you think?

  8. A marketplace for space-tech. Wow! Now the founder knew its a sure shot idea just a high gestation one. Amazed at the way people think & what they do.

  9. The key difference between India & ROW. LinkedIn has Rs. 2.8Cr per employee & India between Rs. 7 Lakhs - Rs. 30 Lakhs. This is a insightful thread into Indian market.

    People want to adjust it for PPP & min-wage. I agree to them theoretically but that’s not how the world works. The absolute numbers are what matters to the world.

    See this key difference.

  10. Anybody wants to build this with me? We can build this on top of Read Better.

  11. Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

  12. People generally think Reliance had it really easy. This is a refreshing read on Reliance even if not complete.

  13. Its an open secret that Real Estate price is crashing, when will the world accept it openly? What would be the trigger? & what would be ramifications?

  14. This is a nice thread about why the prices are not going down openly.

  15. If your mentor is strict with you, know that it is their kindest gesture. Read this thread to know the journey of Yehudi Menon.

  16. How is NHAI responsible for Illegal mining? What kind of a weird decision is this? When NHAI has raised a complain, how are they responsible for the incident???

  17. The key to getting what you want is knowing what you want & working for it. There is no other go. No point complaining after.

    So when you walk into a meeting, know the agenda, your preferred outcome & how you will get that. If you are not prepared, somebody else will drive the meeting & get their preferred outcome. Its called being prepared, not politics.

  18. Looks like India doesn’t allow patent on seeds. Why would somebody invest in R&D if they can’t benefit & profit from it? This is a very long debate & I don’t know the right answer to it.

  19. This truck took 1 year to reach its destination. Isn’t this crazy.

  20. So as @saurabh says, Title of my CV & life. I want to make this into a beautiful poster. Anybody who can help me with this?

  21. This is an amazing story of perseverance where Allen learnt to make every dish from a Michellin 3-star chef’s cook book & a mistake in the book gave him the biggest realization & opportunity of his life. A must read.

  22. Haldiram is a household name in India of a ready to eat snacks brand. Here is their amazing story. It takes generations to make something like that.

  23. An Indian game, with a Indian backstory & such amazing graphics. Gonna love this!!!

  24. What has been amazing learning in these weeks is how creators are going & building stuff, doing things they love & becoming financially independent. Tell me the micro-Saas you want to make your job easier.

  25. When I learn about such Micro-SaaS business, it literally blows my mind!

  26. McKay learnt coding just 18months back & now he has raised $20,000.00 from customers for a product he has not even built. I don’t know if it gets any more crazy than this.

  27. Another crazy micro-SaaS story.

  28. Another story from India. Not exactly SaaS but fuelled by internet. Read the whole thread. These stories motivate me so much.

  29. An amazing thread on no-code & other tools used by this founder to get her POC & also to take her startup off ground. Makes me wonder, why did I learn coding?

  30. Non-English podcasts are leading English podcasts. This is huge!!! Esp given Radio is still largely prevalent in India, this makes sense.

  31. Growth can come from 3 directions. We need to optimise for these. Who/what are you targeting for growth?

  32. Internet is very simple. Its all about bundling & un-bundling. They are so many businesses which can be called unbundling of reddit. Looks like I have to start using reddit but where do I find time? Read it here.

    This is one important insight.

  33. Wonderful chart by IndiaMart on Machinery demand state/area wise from across the country. This says so much about whats happening where. Wow!

  34. This is the problem with this country. A rule posted on 17th-July is applicable retrospectively from 1st-July. Anything can happen anytime, retrospectively.

  35. One of the big news of the week has been Aditya Puri, MD of HDFC Bank Ltd, vested his ESOPs & sold them, value of about 800cr. There have also been some high profile exits from the bank. What is brewing?

    Now this? Govt shifting blame to Banks?

  36. Retail investor is still a really small pool in India.

  37. Some wonderful & onpoint observations on Indian businesses & their relationship with Tech. This is the space I want to do something for. Figuring out how to do that. The thread is the summary of blog post here.

    It has to be for the trading sector & they value market discovery, not efficiency.

  38. This hit really close, in our society. Have a knot in the stomach reading this. I hope this stops here.

  39. So Google launched Buy-on-google in US & some other countries. This will be game changing when it comes to India.

  40. Internships > College. Period.

    Naman got a lot of brick-bats for posting this. Why can’t people treat internships at par with college education? I know there is a moral/ethical dilemma also here but the essence of this message needs to be understood.

    And then there is the problem of Interns walking in for the money & not the learning. Aren’t the priorities misplaced? Forget about the expectations.

    So lets settle on the middle ground.

  41. A thrilling story on how Nissan executive Charles Ghosn escaped Japan. After reading this though it seems to be so easy, a bit under-whelmed.

  42. Don’t let the Sales & Marketing divisions become the driving force of the company. This is what happened in FlipKart & Sachin Bansal fought hard to keep Engineers as the driving force of the company. Hmmm!!!!

    The biggest invention of the year, decade, century, Of our future is probably is GPT-3. I cant decide if its a good thing or a bad thing that it has comeout in 2020. Here are all that amazing things people ar building with GPT-3.

    GPT-3 so far can do anything it seems. Answer any question. Have a normal discussion about almost anything. Design layouts on figma. Actual coding on React.

    People are finding faults & shortcomings in GPT-3 but what needs to be seen is the possibilities 5 - 10 -100 yrs from now. Nobody though this would be possible in 2020.

    If you are wondering how to become a AI expert? Go through this thread.

    Looks like China is leading here too. This is crazyyyyy! Esp we are not hearing anything from China, wish we could see what are they creating with this.

    Want an accelerated invite? Here go for it. Write to Greg Brockman at gdb@openai.com

    Some resources

    1. WebEngage has comeup with e-com master pack.

    2. An thread with list & replies of some good podcasts.

    3. Looks to be a great internship opportunity.

    4. Siddarth is a great person also a really good designer & front-end developer. He has started a youtube channel where he goes live every week. Go subscribe!

    5. Learn AI

    6. This is good place to get some doodles & graphics. Go to Icon Scout.

    7. lapa.ninja for good landing page design Inspiration.

    8. Some good reads & tools around SEOs.

    So my wife wants to me write here that I spend a Insane amount of time palying PUBG. So thats that & if you play it too, hit me up. :)

    Stay Safe!

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