Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 13

Mar 29, 2020 5 min read

Looks like things are going to get a lot more worse before they become better. Hang in there. A lot of reading this week is around Corona, I have pushed all the grim news in the end, so you can skip that section if you don’t want to go into that space….

There hasn’t been a lot of reading & learning, I guess I was just adjusting to the new normal(for a few weeks atleast)… But I did manage to get certification for “Front End Libraries” from freecodecamp.org :)

On with the learnings….

  1. Naval says that business can be learnt only by doing & not books. Its something like swimming & riding a bike. He goes so far to say to give them to your competitors. Hmmm.

  2. I dunno if this government has special love for taxes. I am sure all governments are the same, but expected this lot to be better. Albeit a lower rate @ 9% pa, the govt wants people to pay taxes on the taxes paid late.

  3. With few countries going on lockdown for 6 months or more & countries like Italy not able to control the spread of infection. Looks like the whole world would go on a avg lockdown of about 3 months. In which case 25% GDP shrinkage seems just right off the bat. Not even discussing the repercussions.

  4. Read this blog from Matrix partners on early details about which startups are impacted by COVID19 in what ways & how they are managing this crisis & also what it means for India. Quite a insightful read.

  5. The way people are advocating regular business against a lockdown saying lockdown will kill more people by recession, I don’t know what to say. Lets keep optimising for economy?

  6. Somebody has to take up the slack. If not the governments, then organised-crime it is.

  7. See this awesome kid not letting the lockdown effect his football practice. This itself shows that the kid is destined for greatness & see how its rewarded instantly by a ManU footballer volunteering to practice & adidas already agreeing to sponsoring the event.

    Keep doing what you are meant to & the world will have no choice but to deliver everything that you need.

  8. We read about adidas sponsoring the above event but here is some thing about Adidas, its not verified so could be false & probably just the agency exploiting. But with the malls & retail stores closed, I wouldn’t be surprised if Adidas is actually in a tight spot.

  9. Whats you reaction when you are surprised with something new? Do you run or do you learn?

  10. Here is Saurabh Garg’s take on the future of events industry. Shape of many industries is going to change after this.

  11. A events technology business had to shut shop in this pandemic. Its a bunch of college students with a company called 23ml. The founder wrote about the why & also whats in the future of events world. Thought the news is sad, I am happy that future of India is really really bright.

  12. Here are the thoughts of 12 global leaders on the world after Corona. Looks like it all comes down to leadership. Lets see who is the next global leader.

  13. Here is Yuval Noah Harari’s take on the world after Corona virus.

  14. Everytime I see somebody acting irrationally or stupidly during this crisis my biggest worry is that these people can vote & mostly have already exercised their right. In a democracy a leader is only as good as his followers.

  15. Low probability, black swan events. Like they say, what counts is not the number of years but the number of moments.

  16. Ivanka Trump tweets about how OYO is helping America from the front. This is the coming of age of an Indian brand. Hats off to you OYO.

  17. You don’t have to be consistently brilliant but brilliant consistent.

  18. Bite less, chew more. Don’t be a victim of collectors fallacy - Note to self. Read about what it is here.

  19. Do you need just 20hours to learn anything new? I don’t agree but this is what Josh Kaufman says here & details his experience about learning Ruby on Rails in 20 hours.

  20. Human ingenuity coming to the fore. Modified scuba gear being used as ventilators.

  21. Online Yoga business seems to have taken off in this lockdown.

  22. People who have been conservative so far, would come out the strongest after this calamity. They will be able to utilize the most of opportunities, others would just scurry for their life.

  23. Netflix put out spoilers to their shows on advt hoardings on the roads, so that people stop going out. Superb!

  24. Why science in one line by the great Carl Sagan himself. It can’t be put in a more poetic way.

  25. Looks like China is still not settled down. Here is a thread on local conflict between states within China. Looks like the need to usurp other boundaries runs deep.

  26. In this over optimised world, this message from Sridhar Vembu comes as fresh air, where it talks about not determing value by networth but impact. Will this change the way we look at things?

  27. I wrote about meditation last week. Here’s the naval way. I am doing this along with Saurabh Garg for the next 60 days. 60 daya, 60 minutes. Don’t miss out reading the whole thread.

  28. So our PM started a new relief fund to fight Corona pandemic & here is somebody raising some pretty valid questions around it. Also gives some historical precedents. Worth a thought.

  29. This awesome TED talk by Bill Gates from 5 years back on how the world today is prepared for nuclear war but not for viral epidemic. A must watch. This talk is on the foot of successfully fighting Ebola & lessons from it.

  30. Some really good insights on funds work & make their decisions.

  31. Why is it important to stay indoors & how will this play out.

  32. Yes the buses that are taking the migrant workers home need to be free but wasn’t it more important to send this Italian visitors back? Do we have to resources to tackle them & risk more spreading?

  33. Something beautiful from China. Out of the world actually :)

Some resources

  1. May be you want to do Yale’s happiness course - here.

  2. Attorney General KK Venugopalan has opened his library for public access.

  3. If you are a B2B startup & looking for accelerator, here is a chance with Jio.

  4. Looking for a cofounder or want to join a startup?

Here is all corona virus related updates…

  1. It is highly likely that India is into stage-3…. Though govt reports don’t seem to suggest so, ground reports are a little different. Lots of people put into isolation & quarantine. Also the problem with migrant workers could result in disastrous results.

  2. How many people can one infect in this Corona Virus? One person can affect 59000 people within 10 trees if each person infects only 3. This with delayed symptoms is lethal combination.

  3. Humans & science has optimised the health care so much that what would be a normal occurence a few decades back has lead to close down of the whole Globe.

  4. We have just over optimized our health care & also our economy, with no cushion anywhere to take even a light shock.

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