Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 18

May 3, 2020 3 min read

This week has been intense with Ahmedabad in Red zone, the lockdown has extended. Arghhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Anyways, on with the learnings…

  1. Remember the post last week about Franklin Templeton & the way it could prompt run for MF redemptions. RBI did an excellent move on Monday, it opened a special liquidity facility for Mutal Funds.

    The only thing is that they want somebody else to take up the risk. I seriously don’t know how this works!

    Read on

    Pressure if you don’t lend & Arrest if you don’t recover!

  2. Anybody, who can help with such a study on mis-incentives & its effects because of tax loopholes?

  3. Is this really the scene at the Quarantine centres???

  4. Insights on meditation from @naval.

    I don’t agree with the below though. If you need help, please seek it.

  5. This is an awesome thread on Shakuni. I didn’t know that Shakuni probably was the earliest Avenger!!!

  6. This is how companies are looking at their Real Estate costs. They seem to have tasted blood!!!

  7. I like this idea! A couple of weeks lockdown every year! Let Animals & nature reclaim the world.

  8. Last week I posted something about analysing stock markets & sectors within it. Here is a different approach to this.

  9. Here is some talk about how bond-markets in a game has crashed & has the gamers worried. How rate-cuts are forcing people into riskier assets!

  10. If you like cricket, you probably are wondering what went wrong with Unmukt Chand. Here is he himself saying what went wrong.

  11. Mind blown! Clicking on links on wikipedia long enough leads to Philosphy! damn!

  12. Gulp! The amount of ships stranded with Oil! There is some thing called high-seas trading which is a tax loophole traders often use. I think, that’s what has primarily lead to this.

  13. An amazing thread on how to build a breakthrough. The factors that influence a product have a breakthrough & come into mainstream are Technological, Adoption, Regulatory & Belief inflections.

  14. An excellent thread of really practical advice.

  15. How personal brand could be your biggest moat. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, et all are really strong personal brands. There is nothing more powerful than this. But I like the personal brands which are built as a byproduct some other amazing feat.

  16. Here is something on the above lines.

  17. Here is a take on how Byju’s would be going for a toss because of this pandemic. As this lockdown would lead to content explosion. A rather interesting POV. Looks a little far fetched & forced though.

  18. An amazing thread on a thought experiment of how the world could look like in 2025. This is a post that I would want to look back to & compare in 5 years. I don’t agree to what’s written as it is highly dystopian also I believe we will have really unimaginable scientific breakthroughs in this period. I would like to read a scifi writer on their thoughts for 2025.

    Here also author talks about how the content world would explode. This is one point most people agree on. We are moving into a world ruled by artists.

  19. 2020 could be a year really close misses.

  20. A really cool project for people in the B2B SaaS business to make decisions based on hard facts about how people are subscribing or cancelling them in these challenging times. Head to https://index.profitwell.com/

  21. An nice channel discussing Neuroscience & Leadership & how we take different decisions in different circumstances & what causes such a change.

  22. Bounce is a amazing story. It all started with a facebook page 6 years ago. An amazing story thread by Bounce’s founder.


  23. A beautiful beautiful poem of what’s advertising! esp in these though times when marketing & advertising expenses & hence revenues are crashing.

  24. What intrigued me is the way the author mentions his age in a band. But this is sneak peek into the minds of millions of middle class across the nation. Everybody is cutting the flab & becoming the minimalist!

  25. This is a nice insight on what the biggest stalwarts of Industry are thinking & considering.

    This last point really saddens me.

  26. A nice summary of the Annual Berkshire meeting & when Warren Buffett speaks, you listen!

    The intellectual honesty is just something to bow to. You need to accept your mistakes.

    The closing comment!

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