Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 12

Mar 22, 2020 9 min read

Coping with lockdown. Here are the things I am doing to cope with this lockdown.

  1. Do yoga. Even 15 minutes a day is awesome. Have a target of reaching 1 hour everyday.
  2. Meditate. Target to meditate 1 hour everyday. Not to do guided meditation but just sitting & observe my thoughts pass by in the mind. Its the @naval way.
  3. Having a tangible professional target o achieve in this lockdown. Working on something disruptive for SMEs, more on it below.
  4. Having a tangible personal target to achieve. For me its to complete as many certifications as possible at freecodecamp.org
  5. Talk to atleast 2/3 people daily. Basically spend 1 hour talking to people. Not waiting for others to call. People now are so happy when you call.
  6. Watch incredible movies :)

I can do these if I get bored from above.

  1. Read books
  2. Play ukulele.

& the basics of waking early, sleeping early & bathing everyday.  I have also reduced to 2 meals a day, though end of munching something or the other being in Home. The point is I should not increase my weight in this time.

It takes 21 days to form new habits, make good ones :)

We are living under a unprecedented threat, something of a scale probably not in the living memory of any person around today. The thing is we are prepared to fight it & I know as a fact that we will come out the other side stronger.

The aftermath of Corona would be its effect on the economy. Recently Marriot group CEO published a video talking about 75% revenue loss on a world level. With global lockdowns in place sadly other businesses wouldn’t be far behind.

After lockdowns, the first priority of all businesses is going to be focused on their reviving their sales in a cost effective manner. At tezi.app we have been serving SMEs helping them with their marketing & sales activities. We are working on a cost-effective solution which will help SMEs & brands in achieving this objective.

Its a Phygital concept. So if you are somebody who can help us designing & building a store or a mobile app & the idea excites you, lets talk. If you know somebody who is perfect for this please refer. All contributors get equity in the company based on their involvement & contribution.

Who are we looking for? Interior designers, Graphic designers, UX/UI designers, Mobile App developers (Architecture, Frontend, Backend) Branding, Marketing & Content genuises.

Lets create history together!

On with the learnings…

  1. Fear is the mind killer but also the ass-saver. How you balance both is what matters. And this is why twitter is so awesome.

  2. “Teach thy tongue to say ‘I do not know’, and thou shalt progress.” - Maimonides

  3. The above explained by Richard Feynman. I will do a post soon on my views about this. As the the circle of what you know grows, you understand its circumference & realise that everything outside that circumference is what you don’t know. The point is the circumference grows exponentially as the circle grows.

  4. So during discussion with a expat we were talking about how different languages have different sounds that other cultures are not even aware of. I had a bet with my friend Vivek Advani that its not possible to list down all the sounds that human-mouth can produce & he showed me this page about how humans make sounds & we just have to permuate & combinate to produce all the sounds. [Its available here.]

  5. Technology is what is saving us today. 3D printers are the future. People are using 3D printers to make ventilator parts needed at the time of this pandemic.

  6. When we are the topic of 3D printers, See this awesome news about funding of Spacetech startup from Chennai, India - Agnikul. Whats special about them? they are the only company who have designed a single piece 3D printed rocket engine. This is a really really major leap in Rocket engine tech. [Read about the funding here.]

  7. This amazing story about how chinese & korean dating apps are exploiting the loneliness of the Indian men. Its such a big scam & its not just the apps to be blamed, Indian companies & women are a part of all this. Its just really hard to get a grip around this. I am really impressed with the thorough research of the journalists.

  8. Here is an awesome format for displaying your concept. One I will use in the future.

  9. Its very easy call oneself a generalist when they hit a difficult roadblock & just giveup saying that they are not specialists. To be a generalist one needs to go through the rigor & pain of being a specialist in atleast one field.

  10. Invest in learning the right mental models & have a framework for thinking right. Its way more important as a founder.

  11. Story on how a user who absolutely loved Evernote product & invested in them is what kept them afloat & helped them grown & come up to this level.

    Are you making products that add value to your users life to such an extent that they just love you & want to invest in you.

  12. Paul Graham says that Clojure is the language a coder should be learning. A good thing to do in this lockdown.

  13. This awesome Ted talk by Jasminder Singh of Digitaldesh.in on how India uses Internet & is growing its businesses. How a Fisherman & a Camel Rider use internet.

    Internet is the new fish.

    No Child left behind.

    We want all the eggs and now!

  14. See this awesome video about how kids in a village are learning from the best using video conferencing. The thing is that its not a government initiative but a private one. Its people like this who are fuel of this country, burning themselves so everyone propels ahead.

  15. Have you read the awesome book Sapiens & by an even awesomer Yuval Noah Harari. Here is a glimpse into his life & how he works & what to expect from him next. Its long but a must read.

  16. How do humans cope up with things they can’t control.

  17. How shopifys founder used to go to server farms & disconnect the servers. Can you destruct your own company? That’s how you make it anti-fragile. This is the same kind of thinking which you employ when playing chess.

  18. Watched Ford vs Ferrari yesterday. What made both companies from the same domain, so different? The movie has the answer, its the vision. Ford had the vision of making the most number of cars in the world & Ferrari had the vision of making the best one. Things like vision seem mumbo-jumbo to the uninitiated but thats what fuels the company. Understand & keep repeating your vision till you have a sore throat & cant talk anymore.

  19. Read this amazing interview of Steve Woznaik, cofounder of Apple. Here he explains what early days of Apple looked like. People think Apple’s biggest contribution has been the iPhone but after reading this you realise, Apple invented the personal computers & linked computers with Keyboard & Mouse, they invented color-computers. Even invented software programmed games(before this they were hardware programmed). They also invented a lot in chips & internal-hardware. Playstore wasn’t a new concept to Apple, they had already kickstarted something similar by inventing Floppy disks & encouraging home programmers & applications. Just read this part…

    Livingston: What is the key to excellence for an engineer?

    Wozniak: You have to be very diligent. You have to check every little detail. You have to be so careful that you haven't left something out. You have to think harder and deeper than you normally would. It's hard with today's large, huge programs.

    I was partly hardware and partly software, but, I'll tell you, I wrote an awful lot of software by hand (I still have the copies that are handwritten) and all of that went into the Apple II. Every byte that went into the Apple II, it had so many different mathematical routines, graphics routines, computer languages, emulators of other machines, ways to slip your code in and out of an emulation mode. It had all these kinds of things and not one bug ever found. Not one bug in the hardware, not one bug in the software. And you just can't find a product like that nowadays. But, you see, I had it so intense in my head, and the reason for that was largely because it was part of me. Everything in there had to be so important to me. This computer was me. And everything had to be as perfect as could be made. And I had a lot going against me because I didn't have a computer to compile my code, my software.

  20. This heart breaking video of Marriot’s CEO where he talks about how they are fighting this pandemic. This is what leadership looks like. Salute.

  21. When somebody like Anand Mahindra says that we are looking at a Global Recession in the eye. You listen & you prepare.

  22. Here is a detailed scenario prediction on how & why the economy will be hit.

  23. Having said all the above, understand that Forecasting is hard! & I hope me & all these people are wrong. The thing is that governments across the globe are aware of this & are taking proactive measures to tackle this. So all this worry may turn out to be pointless.

    "Forecasting the motion of a billiard ball on a pool table requires knowledge of the dynamics of the entire universe, down to every single atom!" — @nntaleb

  24. I found this awesome portal who help the underprivileged by giving financial assistance. I like this model but haven’t tried myself. Its called Rangde. Its a p2p lending platform with a difference.

  25. See this analyst downgrading the rating of HDFC bank & in the next tweet thread see what actual unbiased analysis looks like.

  26. Now see these 2 tweets. In the world of Information Technology, there is a lot of mis-information. Double & Triple check before believing anything.

  27. Remember the famous commencement speech by Steve Jobs? “The dots will connect”

Here are some tools I came across this week.

  1. This awesome YouTube channel if you want to learn coding right from the basics. Here the author completed the whole fcc certification in 1 month & live-streamed everything. Its a great resource to learn how coders think.

  2. Udemy Is Giving 30+ Free Courses During This Situation to help People Staying at home to Learn.

    Such A Great Initiative And Huge thanks to one of trainer Phil Ebiner, for giving most of his courses for free Covering Editing, Business, Marketing, Photography And many more.

    HERE'S A LIST OF THE COURSES WHICH ARE A PART OF THIS OFFER( With links and code applied):

    EXPIRES IN 1 or 2 Days.

    Adobe Courses

    Premiere Pro: https://bit.ly/3b5UC7o

    Photoshop: https://bit.ly/2QvyHhY

    Lightroom: https://bit.ly/3a8MJya

    After Effects: https://bit.ly/2xg7JnN

    InDesign: https://bit.ly/2QxNHMr

    Audition: https://bit.ly/2UkYpa9


    Udemy Course Masters: https://bit.ly/2UsWz7s

    YouTube Marketing: https://bit.ly/3dfwtgM

    Content Marketing: https://bit.ly/3bnwQ7h

    SEO Masterclass: https://bit.ly/2weOcUZ

    WordPress for Beginners: https://bit.ly/3a1gIrD

    Podcast Masterclass: https://bit.ly/33zsSpq

    Digital Marketing Automation: https://bit.ly/2U2SYhk

    Media Training & Camera Confidence

    Business Bootcamp: https://bit.ly/2Qr2fxt

    Meditation for Entrepreneurs: https://bit.ly/3a83tFs


    Video Production Bootcamp: https://bit.ly/395awh1

    YouTube Masterclass: https://bit.ly/2xP9qZK

    Cinematography: https://bit.ly/2vzzEi7

    Complete Audio Production Course: https://bit.ly/2QvYpTz

    Start Your Filmmaking Career: https://bit.ly/2Wy0kef

    Wedding Videography: https://bit.ly/3ac6wwI

    Kinetic Typography: https://bit.ly/3bd4NqK


    Start Your Photography Business: https://bit.ly/33vXkAJ

    Wedding Photography: https://bit.ly/3ahMPDm

    Photography for Kids: https://bit.ly/2WpZvUV

    Food Photography: https://bit.ly/2x835s6

    Landscape Photography: https://bit.ly/390s6mg

    Night Photography: https://bit.ly/3b9s9h2

    Street Photography: https://bit.ly/3b9s9h2

    Portrait Photography: https://bit.ly/390QfZP

    Travel Photography: https://bit.ly/3divoEH

    Canon Photography: https://bit.ly/2WASkZQ

    Landscape Photo Editing: https://bit.ly/2UlWmCX

    Note: Use Website version For better Checkout.

Thats it for the week. I look forward to right some of my thoughts in this week which would distil my learnings & thought process. Let me know if you would like to receive those.

Stay safe!

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