Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 28

Jul 13, 2020 4 min read

This has been a sort of crazy week with multiple projects to Juggle & ever new awesome ideas showing their heads. I’m blessed that have such friends to work with on all these projets & It’s wonderful to learn coding. It does open a new world of opportunities.

I am reading a lot more than before, but they are just tech documents & learning to do stuff.

  1. This is one of the best things you will watch in a long while. How did Tik-Tok come into being in the first place? Where & how did the idea originate from. It took Alex Zhu & team many years before they stumbled upon the idea of Lip-Sync. The formula is simple, play long-term games with long-term people.

  2. In this tough times companies are finding it hard to motivate, compensate & keep the workforce aligned. Here is a awesome hack by OYO to do the same. They are offering ESOPs to all the employees at Rs. 1/- per share. Hats off!

  3. Before lockdown there were apparently 5.61cr eway bills generated in India. Data seems to say that in June 4.27cr eway bills were generated. This is really great data, the only problem is that, this isn’t visible to me on the ground. There are complete industries annihilated & many industries/sectors which are running at 10% - 20% of their regular revenue. Its difficult to make sense of this eway bill data. What am I missing?

  4. Why India is not the map of the technology boom? Atleast from the hardware side, there are zero patents from India on Mobile technology front. The magic of Apple happened because Steve Woznaik understood both Hardware & Software at the most deepest level. Its not possible to have outstanding breakthrough with partial knowledge. :|

  5. What’s the root cause of this symptom? Afterall, pathetic hardware tech & R&D is not the underlying issue. Is weak IP rights the issue? But then doesn’t China have even weaker IP rights?

  6. It’s a misconception that Linux is a failure tech. Yes Linux didn’t make a big-bang on the consumer front. But Linux rules the world when it comes to all the backend that the world tech sits on. This is the power of Open-Source tech.

    Just like Y2K issue. Linux has a Year-2038 problem. Read about it here.

  7. The problem, the reason that most founders are not making for India. There are so many startups that are making for USA, Europe, etc… India is just a DAU, MAU factory. India just doesn’t make economic sense. ARPU for Youtube from India is Just $2 in 2020.

    And no the problem isn’t with the people, India doesn’t have a well earning middle-class like China does. The problems are of India are more systemic & structural. Having said that I am really optimistic for India for the coming decade.

  8. What are the structural problems with India? Here is a wonderful session by Manish Sabharwal on the topic. Quite insightful I would say.

  9. I am a fan of Kunal Shah & this podcast of him is one of the best. There is also transcript if you just want to listen.

    Here are 2 excerpts that I couldn’t wait to share with my friends.

    This one is on compounding. Indians just don’t understand compounding.

    This when, we talk about 2% ROI on dinner tables.

    Now to visualise & understand what scale is & the importance of Grand structures. I think now I understand why its important to build a Grand Temple on a impossible Hill top. Its to symbolise that nothing is Impossible.

  10. I just want to learn having such empathy & being able to express it so neatly with a clarity of thought. This letter from a father is everything, relatable, reassuring, uplifting, motivating. If for nothing else, I have to learn this for being a parent.

  11. How do you learn Acronyms in tech? Esp when they seem too fancy? You totally ignore them thinking, just another tech you don’t know. So I am a MERN stak developer but I didn’t know that before this tweet.

  12. Just common wisdom & how its applicable across. The most strict teacher, is actually the kindest. The firm hand of the leader/parent is actually the softest. One of the worst things that an happen to a startup is that it raises money too early.

    Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

  13. But then nobody’s hands are clean. Companies have had to flirt with rules & ethics to get there. Be it PayPal or Airbnb or Google.

  14. I was with Facebook when it refused to censor Trump or any other leaders. I totally believed Internet should be about free flowing of information. My this view has changed this week due to a few reasons.

    Here is what seems crazy! Even if this is false, this is possible & probably happening in parts somewhere.

    And now I came across this news of Wayfair having listings which seem to be in trafficking & probably its on Amazon too. Details below.

    The way internet makes information distribution friction-less, it needs to be censored, no-doubt but to what extent & by whom? Which side of misuse are we going to be ok with?

    If you are marketplace how to stay ahead in this game of cat and mouse?

    Here is a clarifiation / prespective, there definitely are many loopholes in this.

Here are some resources for the week.

  1. Are you a Front-End Developer? Here is a handbook for Front-End engineers.

  2. This thread on books for JavaScript. So much to read, so much to do, so much to see, so much to experience. One life is not enough.

  3. Top VCs of India are opening up their calendars for random & under represented founders. The best time to making.

  4. This blew my mind. You can basically design a website visually on Chrome. Use document.designMode.

  5. As I am a self learnt developer, I have not worked in teams & wanted an opportunity to do that. Here it is for anybody interested.

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