Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 26

Jun 29, 2020 5 min read

Serendipity! My missing the newsletter last Sunday, gave me a nice insight. The open ratios for newsletter sent on Monday are better. So I am going to continue sending these on Mondays till next serendipity :) Though I write these for myself, it feels good to see more people read it & I would like to believe that helps the people who read it. If you are not happy with this, please let me know.

I am also planning to start a Dev/Tech Newsletter, where I start listing the resources & my learnings with regarding to coding, given the amount of Stuff I consume, I need a place to put it all. Let me know if you would be interested in that.

Here is a beauty for you to start with. Mesmerizing isn’t it!

Now on with the learnings…

  1. A wonderful story about how strangers helped a family comeback to India. From the writers own words, it wouldn’t have been possible without.

  2. Ship Daily! That’s the mantra I am going to live by till I reach my first milestone of being a millionaire(In dollar terms).

  3. The point that this learning takes the 3rd spot is mere coincidence, but what a great one. 3 is a magical number. Anything beyond it is just too much. Here is a quote which I absolutely love, related to marketing…

    The french revolution started with 3 words. Why do you need more to sell a bar of soap!

  4. When we are onto Steve Jobs, Here is an awesome presentation by 2 people what absolute Jugalbandi by both. The topic is a bit technical but really interesting on how to brought down the loading time for their game so that it can run really fast on a 2G network on a Jio Phone. The next billion users on the internet are probably going to be using feature phones & most of them would be on Jio. Are you building for this?

  5. Build for India-3. Hit me up with any ideas you have for this.

  6. What an awesome photo. People just recognize the successes but don’t realize the struggle, pain & failures one has to go through. I am starting to realize the meaning of the Quote thought in childhood, “Failure is the stepping stone to success.”

    Also its art that motivates people. Art is the lifeblood of everything around us.

  7. An awesome of thread of how a kid pushed through everything in his College days. One side of my mind says that Colleges & Faculty can get better at motivation & at the same time it says, “When the student is ready, teacher appears”. A thread you should definitely go through

  8. Here is Sushant Singh Rajput talking about whats the inherent problem with the way educational institutes, actually the problem is the pace with things are changing, its difficult for anybody to catch up.

  9. When you interview someone just ask them if they have fired people & why. Its a necessary quality to have for someone looking to build A-Teams.

  10. This is awesome! This is using law for the good. This is using tech the way it should be. This is thinking out of the box.

  11. Naval recently tweeted that “Listening a book like drinking your veggies.”, though I agree to him, but multi-sensory inputs help in learning a stuff, more so on internalizing it.

  12. The way the market for creators is shaping up is really heart warming. Now is when the tech is directly effecting & reaching the masses. It started majorly with iTunes & it just keeps going on this solid path. Internet is truly liberating so is Financial freedom.

  13. The amount of businesses closing both locally & internationally is pretty alarming.

    Where cure.fit has 5M downloads of the app, Shilpa Shetty’s app has 1M downloads. Individual creators are giving strong competition to corporates. Are these the times of world order changing?

  14. Here is a working example of a Turing Tumble. This works in the binary principle. The computers run on basically this principle. This is the foundation of how Alan Turing basically invented computers. To have the kind of vision from that Board to a Computer is just mind-boggling to me. This is as basic as it gets on how computers work. Watch it here, don’t miss it.

  15. Finally India is taking Private sectors involvement in to space seriously. I am so overjoyed by this, I can’t state this enough.

  16. With the amount of earth-quakes hapenning/reported this year. Here is an interesting fact. That’s how fragile we are.

  17. Here is a eye opening statement, though not a secret. Worth being reminded of this perodically.

  18. This Make-In-India narrative, is it a wave that will change things or just a small aberration? Atleast in the past we have not treated or nurtured the home-grown the way we should have. These things take time & its more about creating a consistent environment rather than anything else.

  19. Love the message here about taking one risk every year. Its a similar advise “A founder is supposed to do some needle moving stuff every day”. The point is don’t just get stuck in the day-to-day chaos, think, plan & execute reaching the next level.

  20. I have shared this once earlier but the amazing story Carl Sagan is, & the amazing story this is about find the circumference of the Earth with just sticks & shadows, had to share again :) You often don’t need complex tools, if you understand stuff at a granular level.

  21. Someone wise once said. “The newbie knows all the rules. The pros know all the exceptions. The same thing applicable in the below design.

    Here is a bit of more material to add more context.

  22. This post gives a peak into Canva & how its has used Google & SEO successfully to bring traffic to their site. Its an amazing read & just goes on to tell that how important content is going to be in future. Read it here.

  23. Some really cool tricks here.

    Here are some crazy stories from the replies

  24. Have you ever thought about piracy & copyright & all that. Here is a amazing story & replies which try to discuss the economics & ethics behind this. It doesn’t get simpler & comprehensive than this. Read it here at jasonrobertbrown.com

  1. Here is a tool for all the web-developers out there. The best tool to check the responsiveness of your app. Download resposively.app
  2. Here is a good primer on reading what goes into building Analytics for a consumer app. Its a crazy world in just trying to collecting & analyzing all this data & developing insights. Read it here.
  3. Learn to make a Android App. No-experience required. freeCodeCamp.org
  4. If you are founder, you should probably invest in your emotional wellness. Here is a good place to find the right mentors. yourdost.com

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