Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 24

Jun 15, 2020 3 min read

Another week of this crazzzzzy year goes by. We seem to be doing not so badly in the unlock but right now its too early to say anything. With Gujarat already making home treatment the norm for people who are tested positive, things might never actually get bad on the ground.

I am busy in a few projects, should be able to introduce them in the coming weeks.

So, on with the learnings….

  1. Listened to this song because somebody mentioned this as their life philosophy. The thought is as beautiful as the Song & Philosophy itself.

    Though my question is that, is there anybody who doesn’t consider this as their philosophy?

  2. How words effect us subconciously. From childhood we think that White is good & Black is bad. Probably it all starts with our fear for darkness. Muhammad Ali puts it out in a succinct way here…

  3. Amazing way a tech advanced company like RIL follows its faith. Read this awesome thread about temples & priests within RIL.

    Now this story is not simple as it sounds, when you think about deeply, this has many layers into it.

  4. If businesses talk about their inability to pay employees, they are slapped with all kinds of cases, why does the same rule doesn’t apply to government institutions?

    Is this how we are respecting our Corona warriors?

  5. Watch this awesome video on how Bobby McFerrin engages & makes music with his audience. They read the music/directions from his jumping & dancing. One of the most amazing things to see.

  6. A list of 5 most kickass website designs on the web. I wish I could create art like this.

  7. I read quite a lot on SEO this week. You can read all of the summary here. I’ll update this as I go. On a macro level there are 2 things that effect a SEO, how machine/bot-readable the content on the website is & also the amount of backlinks pointing to it. It’s a really amazing field.

  8. An amazing story from the founder himself on how they created unsplash.com. Its a really amazing story using principles of FOMO & scarcity.

    Keep It Simple Stupid

    Promise what you can deliver & deliver.

  9. India & its own taxes! sight! Parrotas to be taxed @ 18% & not 5%. :D

  10. Read about the design innovations in the latest Space-X mission.

  11. Note taking is one of the most important tools of Personal Knowledge Management. Taking proper notes is one of the most difficult things to do. Here are some awesome pointers from @saurabh on the same.

  12. So Mukesh Ambani has been doing deals left, right & center in the past few weeks. Manoj Modi is the person behind it. Read about him here.

  13. Always send 3 options to your client, so that they can mix-match stuff & feel they have contributed & made something unique. It’s not worth arguing or doing a lot of to & fro in most cases. I believe this genius!

  14. Wonderful insight. Its about who made the promise. What has been the brands positioning? People set complaint or reward based on the expectations set & delivered.

  15. In every day & age, people tend to chase the vanity metrics. The only thing that matters is creating. Nothing matters more than doing.

  16. Probably one of the top 5 talks on how to design our life & career. Applying design thinking to our life.

    Accept -> Empathise -> Define -> Ideate -> Prototype -> Test

  17. Read this wonderful evergreen blog back from the year 2000. The challenges in building the software are the same today. The principles which talk about the mistake of Netscape writing its code from the scratch & shipping nothing for 2 years, which made it lose ground & become irrelevant in the market.

    We start a new note taking app / protocol just because we don’t want to go through the earlier notes & understand or clean them.

    Similarly programmers like to write new code from scratch just because they don’t want to go through the effort of understanding the earlier code.

  18. Here is a really beautiful Chess game. One of the things I realise is that Chess is as much about understanding the opponents Psyche as much as its about strategy & mental strength.

  19. Understanding patterns through Fibonacci series. What matters is breaking complex stuff down to its elements.

    Mathematicians are geeks & Physicists are cool. :P

  20. Read the whole thread & find cool stuff people are reading.

    Here is a thread on one of the cool ones.

  21. The cool thing about Internet & Bitcoin. Send such iinteresting projects my way.

That’s it for this week. Stay safe!!!

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