Learnings in life - Year 2020 week 7

Feb 17, 2020 4 min read

So this has been a crazy week. Tiring but satisfying. Only makes we think that we mostly live in our own silos & don’t try something new, killing the idea from the vantage point without even understanding the surface of it. This week’s post will be short as I was fully busy this week, I guess I have moved on to the domain of learning-by-doing…. I have written about the what in the end, probably I need to start documenting my learnings from such doings…

So on with the learnings..

  1. Corporates are increasingly investing in startups. The power of tech, software & disruptive thinking is getting too big & important to ignore now. These are good signs…

  2. On the ocassion of Twilio getting a IPO, the investor shares that how Twilio was the best seed pitch ever. Get your investor in 30 secs flat. [Read it here]

  3. So, isn’t this disappointing! Sigh! You got to read this. The devils in the details. Basically the centre is fudging the metrics, to take away more share from the performing states to dump it into the not performing once. We are after in a socialist country.

  4. Why! Why! Why! It just pains me that people all around just want to kill students creativity. Like today I heard people wanting to limit screen time of students & how to get schools & parents to enforce it on the child. Do these people really know what they are doing?

  5. Here go follow her on insta. Nothing funky, A musician who simply like to play her ukulele & guitar while singing.

  6. Give everything you have to one idea & get whatever you need in return. I think naval watched ‘Om Shanti Om’.. remember the famous shiddat dialogue.

  7. People who are against science & tech should see this how tech is helping people in china n being contactless & still going through their lives. The corona virus outbreak, which could be the greatest threat looming on our heads presently didn’t come coz of tech but if something is going to solve it, its going to be tech. Go figure!

  8. Are your priorities clear? In you, what speaks? Your actions or words?

  9. How does a person flying, doesnot become something we are raving about! But this one tweet also makes me reconsider the foundations of my religion, where the gods lie, use deceit, are more impulsive, etc… (Not that I haven’t been questioning earlier.)

  10. Here is a presentation shared by Twilio on the kind of presentations in the board meetings. Its quite revealing on how things go on in big companies. But see how they use it not just for reporting but also giving board members action points & tracking them. [Download the pdf here.] Do have such detail metrics for your team or business?

  11. I don’t know how to put it in a more succinct manner.

  12. Are we in a banana republic? Or is it that they actually know what they are doing. :| Guess we will never know. (Assam NRC data goes missing.)

  13. Do it now, atleast think about it deeply! I myself haven’t done it. We are moving on from 10 year plans to 20 year plans. :)

  14. People tell me more stories about how to get that early 10-100-1000 users onboard to try your product. Specifically related to softwares & apps. Please! Thank you. This whole thread is Gold.

  15. Quite sensible & logical, read the embedded thread please. Go for liberal arts if you can afford to, keep your options open, don’t optimize too early, esp in this so fast paced ever-changing world.

  16. What’s your work culture? I know so many people who virtue signal on SM as the most professional people in the world & crib about the smallest slip-up by their clients, but these same people turn-up late in meetings, don’t reply to emails or messages promptly, expect client to chase for deliveries & still deliver sloppy work. Even all that can be excused if you strive to over-deliver on your work?

  17. So I attended a #StartupWeekend this weekend. It’s crazy. Everybody must do it whether you want to be a startup or not. Even if you are already a startup. Read about what goes on here, but this post doesn’t do justice.

  18. This is a really cool product. Why isn’t this a craze already? A interactive mirror!

  19. Think! Just 150Bn dollars to control the temperature & hence climate of earth. Does it get crazier than this? Also this thread is Gold.

So here is what I did this week, which lead to such low reading, other than me just not being in a mental space to read.

  1. The MVP of my tezi.app finally got ready & I hit the streets to start marketing it. Market validation & PMF is a crazy task in itself. Please direct me on ways to acheive it.
  2. I am going full-on crazy into learning coding. Almost all of my free time is going to learning coding at freecodecamp.org. So I’m still learning but just in a different domain. Also got a friend interested & get started with learning coding. Yay!
  3. I attended #StartupWeekend. So my Fri, Sat & Sun went into this. It was a crazy experience. I actually ended up creating a Idea in 1 day, for which I have a Angel investor interested in investing & a tech company interested in partnering. Wow! crazy things happen.
  4. I also attended an event called Abhivyakti. Its a Arts promotion of all types project in Ahmedabad. What raw talent! What raw talent! I was super impressed by the first-interactive-nukkad-natak…. they call it remote-controlled…. Its called ‘Bhaagte Raho’…. It’s by this group called Chaap, they perform it again on 22nd & 28th of this month. Make sure to watch it.[Go to Abhivyaktiart.org] [Visit Chhaap here.]

So I completed ‘How will you measure your life’. It's a must read book, probably the one with longest summary. There is so much practical value in there. If you can't read the book don't miss out on the summary here.

I guess that’s it for the week. Thank you :)

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