Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 27

Jul 6, 2020 5 min read
  1. Listened to this awesome poem recited by Piyush Mishra. This is written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. For people who don’t know Hindi, It basically means make Work = Love, or you wont do either completely.

    कुछ इश्क़ किया कुछ काम किया

    वो लोग बहुत ख़ुश-क़िस्मत थे

    जो इश्क़ को काम समझते थे, या काम से आशिक़ी करते थे |

    हम जीते-जी मसरूफ़ रहे, कुछ इश्क़ किया कुछ काम किया ||

    काम इश्क़ के आड़े आता रहा, और इश्क़ से काम उलझता रहा |

    फिर आख़िर तंग आ कर हम ने, दोनों को अधूरा छोड़ दिया ||

  2. This. Is the glass half empty or full?

  3. We will discuss quite a bit on the Chinese App-ban by the Indian Government. I don’t the efficacy of the move from Geo-political angle, we will explore it more from Business & Innovation angle.

    Here is some prespective. Banning anything is just lazy from the economical standpoint. The question is, the country which calls itself the software hub of the world, why don’t we have something breakthrough like this already? Is it the people, ecosystem, what?

    This tweet was from the founder of a Indian startup. It seems he deleted it, this action itself says many things.

    Boycotting is lazy mans option and we are good in doing that. Lets get rid of populist things and start working hard.No point reinventing a costly wheel…

    It takes decades to build a Company & a brand, a overnight ban is not going to change things. My question is simple, why did Flipkart lose to Amazon & Ola lose to Uber in their home turf? Esp when they had a multi-year headstart.

    Here is some perspective on Indian Social Media Advt. revenue. It just doesn’t make sense. Are we just a DAU farm for the rest of the world?

  4. Go work for the heck of it!

  5. Now that I have started tech development, I am amazed by our dependence on Open-Source software. Its crazy that how people come together & make great stuff for the world without any pay. I would say the tech world has grown at such a rapid pace just because of this ecosystem. Why can’t there be such ecosystem for other Industries?

  6. With the new IN-SPACe being launched. Here is what it should try to tackle, rather than becoming just another institute for the private entities to tackle. Its a step in right direction but devil lies in the details. Read about the challenges here.

    So long as the present laws read the way they do, anyone who intends to design and launch a satellite is required to have her equipment certified by the TEC, secure the frequency necessary to communicate with the satellite from the WPC, secure the orbital slot by applying through the proper channels under the SATCOM Norms, have the network created by the satellite certified by the NOCC, and secure the appropriate license from the Department of Telecommunications or the Ministry of Broadcasting for the specific service.

    Ultimately, without any clarity as to how applications for licenses for SATCOM operations will be reviewed, you can imagine how uncertain, time-consuming and expensive following through on these processes can be. A private entity trying to compete in the demanding realities of the global market is likelier to be put off by this setup.

  7. The disney loop takes a generation to restart. Yes it makes it slow, but it also makes it impossible to kill. What are other longer-time loops? How easy is it for them to become irrelevant?

  8. A wonderful story of a ester-year startup, Bloomberg. How did Bloomberg displace/disrupt all the existing biggies with technology.

    There is a large amount of value where 2 verticals meet.

    Ultimately here is his thesis filtered down.

  9. A thread on what all needs to get right for a startup. One of the reasons why innovators seldom make enough money but most of the money is made by people who use that innovation & are able to commercialize it in a proper way.

    See this research. Imitators make most of the money.

  10. When we are talking about copying, see this. JioMeet copies almost pixel to pixel from Zoom. Seems Jio’s all apps follow a similar pattern of just picking up design from other competitors. Is this how India will make its mark?

  11. Love the product placement. Makes me actually want to try it.

  12. These marketing campaigns are just love. So simple yet so deep.

    This Coke is a Fanta, So What?

    Every Ad is a Tide Ad.

  13. Now that is some Serial Entrepreneur. This is just amazing!

  14. Some grim news. I hope this is one-off & not indicative of the times. People getting down to looting.

  15. Here is a awesome data analysis by KhataBook, the poster-boy app for Indian SMEs. It seems that Business is back to normal pre-COVID levels, somehow I can’t see the same level of activity on the streets. Is it some kind of abberation? Has only credit sales picked up(KhataBook is used mainly for credit enteries). Have the businesses started used KhataBook as a payment gateway to withdraw funds from CreditCard? I hope, its neither and that we are actually back on track.

  16. Make music with this instrument, without touching it. The other innovations by the innovator are equally breath taking.

  17. What are the vulnerabilities in every day software, that we don’t know about? Seems the clipboard of our phones was available for all softwares to access & data-mine us. Crazy! Looks to be still open on Android.

  18. A great thread on the pearls-of-wisdom by Kunal Shah.

  19. Want to know the history of tech, Go here.

  20. Tesla files a joint patent for a COVID vaccine. The amount of stuff this guy impacts is just mind-blowing.

  21. This tells about priorities. Is India any different? Most youngsters today want to become Vloggers / Youtubers.

  22. A wonderful read on how this guy built up a micro-SaaS out of a small widget. A simple insight = Great Business.

  23. An amazing example of leadership from Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw himself. Salute!

  24. This is comics from an Author, whos really growing up on me. What a wonderful execution, esp the visual design on a phone. Absolutely love it. Don’t miss it, probably the most beautiful thing you will see today. See it here.

  25. Amazing story of grit, determination & persistence of this kid. Why give him a honorary DRDO job? Why, India as a ecosystem fails to nurture entrepreneurs out of such wonders?

  26. Since I am into making apps, I have been reading articles around it extensively. Here is a great thread around it. Whats most interesting are the replies & discussions there of.

  27. How companies are bringing in the innovation culture. Love it! A week of building. Awesome!

  1. Azure gives $100 free credits to students. It goes a long way for student projects also their account is sandboxed, meaning you will never be billed unless you choose to leave the sandbox.

  2. Learn everything Android!

  3. A webinar by ISRO on how they are unlocking the space.

  4. One of the most important things that effects any sites SEO is the back-links that point to it. Here is a really detailed article explaining the ins & outs of it. A must read for anybody in SEO.

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