Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 16

Apr 19, 2020 4 min read

So… This week I almost didn’t do this, afterall with the way things are going, whats the point. But then that’s the point! Keep walking even when its all foggy.

So with the lockdown extending I have made a point to complete the freeCodeCamp.org Full-stack-developer certification before the lockdown completes. Meanwhile I completed the Data-Visualization certification.

Though I have made quite a few projects for this. These two, I am kind of proud of

  1. Choropleth map on US graduates, counties & state wise.
  2. Heat-map on temperature change of earth since 1753 - 2015.

At the risk of repeating this from last week

So, on with the learnings….

  1. Chase wisdom, not stoicness. or would work the other way around too? Anyways, Corona has forced almost everybody into being a stoic I guess.

  2. The funny way these predictions work. Ctrl +C & Ctrl + V

  3. Basically there are 4 things which contribute to financial gains, Capital, Talent, Network & Time. Using these 4 you can create a bonus, a Brand, patent, copyright or some kind of IP which keeps giving royalty. But beyond a point network matters a lot, esp as founders.

  4. Nature is healing, we are the virus! - Is this how 2020 will be known? Who would have foreseen this for 2020?

  5. That’s it! Just 30% - how far we are into 2020 & the havoc it is creating.

  6. What are the ten biggest ideas that have shaped your life? In other words your philosophy & value system.

  7. People don’t discuss the failures or the parallel bets of the successful people enough. Like Newton, what are the big 3 macro bets you would take about the future?

  8. Ideas are dime a dozen. Its all about execution. People often evaluate a new idea but not the passion of the person behind it, probably because ideas are easy to validate? I would argue that passion is a better signal of success.

  9. Remember the video of Steve Jobs from last week about the biggest risk to mankind being a Flu-like-Viral-epidemic. Here is N.N. Taleb saying the same. A lot of smart & influential people were talking about this, just that no-one was listening.

  10. Who would have thought that an epidemic, the lockdown would effect telecom companies. Apparently, roaming, esp International roaming revenue & hence highest profit ticket of telecos seems to have vanished in thin air. There are so many 2nd, 3rd & downstream order of effects we have not even realised.

  11. Sections & Companies closing. People sacked without notice! This is crazy.

  12. The whole thread on how Corona is impacting the media industry in the country.

  13. If this is the scenario from top to bottom of the economic chain. Where does this take us?

  14. Which sector is going to lift us if the 2nd biggest employer has such reports coming out?

  15. Well the one sector that’s definitely working is the Bidets. Looks like the toilet paper wars have been won by the Bidets.

  16. If you think reopening the economy is the answer. Answer this ethical question aptly put.

  17. Singapore had COVID under control even when keeping its economy open. Looks like that experiment has also failed. Whats the way forward now?

  18. This works, I speak from personal experience. Just keep doing it daily. 15mins daily also counts.

  19. Just Do it!

  20. Don’t Count the days. Make the days count. - Muhammad Ali

  21. This is the most sane & simple advise. Stop thinking too much & speak your mind. Its that simple! A blog on how to make a effectual ask.

  22. Proning - lying on the stomach is helping COVID patients, so much so that they don’t need a ventilator. Pass this on as much as you can.

  23. See this tweet & replies on it. I think the biggest reason for growth of Bangladesh is its favorable agreements with most countries & more than that, its the involvement of its women in the workforce.

  24. You just cant miss this tweets on the future of AR & VR.

  25. The FY20 report of instamojo. Its quite interesting what they are doing. Looks like they are growing more on the e-commerce & social-commerce bandwagon.

  26. Fascinating story of Vidura from Mahabharatha. The whole thread is a must read.

    Krishna breaking his vow & joining the fight if Vidura would have joined Kauravas! I want to know this guy more.

  27. This is plain crazy! Giving IT refunds is not a achievement. Looks like Angel Tax is still there in the neighborhood.

  28. Now the CRED has embraced newmorphism. Read more about this new design trend in detail here.

  29. What would happen if there is a mass internet outage?

  30. Remember Ariel? See her real world hideout.

  31. Watch kids passing around a pencil around in a Zoom class.

  32. You are always telling a story.

  33. I am building a new future at tezi.app, send all the dreamers you know my way.

    A startup company, to use one definition, is the largest collection of people you can convince of a plan to build a different future.

  34. Its been a awesome decade, just not way its ending! :(

    Space-X going from Falcon 9 - Cargo Dragon Debut to planned Crewed launch in 2020.

  35. People wonder why is my reading list full of tweets. Because they are realtime & where else would you get to read the discussion of CEOs of biggest rocket companies of the earth in real time? - Read the whole thread.

  36. Now this is what practice looks like. Awesome! Just Do it. Keep doing it.

As always some tools

  1. sololearn.com - to learn coding, both beginner & advanced & learn it on your mobile!

  2. Sundance is offerring their Masterclass for free. If you are in the filming & video space, you just cant miss it.

  3. The latest courses form Harvard for free. The course is free but the certification is chargeable.

  4. Wanted a more accessible & simple calendar tool? Here in this thread, there are many.

  5. Learn building games using javascript.

  6. Join this telegram group of Saurabh Garg where he shares articles & discussion on personal improvement. He calls it the Shoulders of Gaints.

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