Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 35

Aug 31, 2020 5 min read

This week has been raining on every front. From tomorrow the moratorium period comes to an end. I have my fingers crossed for things to be normal once everything is resolved.

On with the learnings…

  1. asf

  2. Apple unveils is giant orb, worlds first floating Apple-Store. The store is optimised for the night & looks really beautiful. Apple really makes awe with its thought & execution. Read about the Apple Store here in detail.

    This is just the night look.

  3. As per the tool below, as on the time of writing, US economy was back to 79% compared to the levels in March. This is really good sign. Signs from local businesses is also similar. Things don’t seem to anywhere close to how bad people were expecting this to be. Read about America’s economic recovery after Corona Virus.

  4. HDFC Bank asks for 20% discount on its rent. Sign of things to come?

  5. Another story of a startup having to re-do its product & positioning. I believe its the Corona-Virus trend, which has helped this more. I wonder if this is sustainable, I don’t relate to the vision here so far.

  6. This guy is energy goals!

    Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

  7. You don’t need an app to launch your startup or product. Love the hustle of founders who look to solve solutions first & develop tech later.

  8. Naman Sarawagi talks about the above here.

    No guess work required about hypothetical user behavior.

  9. If you are absolutely new to tech, using freelancers is the best bet to develop the tech. It would be way faster & cheaper.

  10. This wonderful thread by Manas on function of sales & a Product Manager, and how he keeps it real.

    90% of Sales is getting rejected.

    Are you ready for the grind? Most of the work everywhere mostly sucks. Its the aha! moment in the rest 10% is what motivates you to do the grind.

    Think about what you want to be tomorrow. What are you doing today, to achieve your vision?

    This is the most important question each one should ask themselves.

  11. Draper House, a one-of-kind House, which houses startups & builders across the world. Love the concept. I want to go stay here.

  12. What would WFH & Learn-From-Home, fuel? More students travelling & learning? A new system of education, students fuelling exchange programs by themselves?

  13. India’s love for free & its socialism will kill entrepreneurship in the country. You can’t force a business into profitability by killing the biz-model & not understanding the second & lower degree effects.

  14. Read the story of Slack in 26 slides here.

    The base of 2 successes from games was not a unique market insight but “how do we not go out of business?”

    For startups, survival is everything. Survive longenough & you will find a way.

    Slack has 1500+ integrations across software providers, marketing of these partnerships also acts as a growth channel.

  15. It doesn’t get simpler than this. Learn to first create demand, rather than focus on building the product first.

  16. Small niche brands are craft Million Dollar sales silently.

  17. Remember the hologram/VR video from last week? We are getting real close to high-fiedelity VR. People dancing with VR buddies.

  18. Apparently Microsoft Office, file format is really complex. Why? Because MS-Office has to have old-version compatability, and also compatible to features that MS-Office launched and has discountinued. This is what is called technical debt. Read about it in detail from somebody who has tried to dig into these.

  19. What else would be fuelled by the latest innovations happening around us today. What are the 2nd & 3rd order inventions?

  20. To succeed & remain successful you need persistence & consistence.

    Success is never owned, it is rented & the rent is due everyday.

  21. Its amazing what people can accomplish with persistence.

  22. I learned to code at 35 & Aditya Rao writes about his experience on learning to code at the age of 30. The vouch for the path mentioned here, anybody who wants to learn coding, should definitely go through this.

  23. Loved this part fiction story by Hemant Joshi on how tech is democratizing creativity & building & opening avenues previously not possible. Story about how a cook is actually a influencer & moves on to becoming the marketing head of a startup. Read this interesting story here.

  24. Richard Feynman talks about how he doesn’t consider accolades important. For him what is important is that how many other researchers use his work. Similarly for startups, funding & rewards are not the right metric. How many people use the product & how many people refer it, is the most important thing.

    Focus right.

  25. Utilitarian process are often priced variably because their value can defined more clearly. For status products its difficult to ascertain value. Here is Kunal Shah talking about keeping the price of Status products variable. How to achieve this?

  26. libraryofbabel.info contains all the permutations & combinations of all the letters & words possible. Along with all combinations of all the pixels possible. So this database has all the images, letters & essays of the past, present & future. How do filter meaningful stuff from this?

  27. Here is a story on how a startup got $5000 in AWS credits with a simple email. This can be game changer for a new startup.

    Send that one last email.

  28. This week I am thinking about democratizing sports commentary. Please can be commentators & have their own viewers/listeners. Video & Audio. Anybody can start their own personal channel & start commentating, either free or paid.

    Read about how social media is changing the way people are consuming cricket here.

    Read about other starups who are trying this space here.

    Here is an article from 2014 about Combox Live, which has tried this out.


  1. I wanted to make a ecommerce store on WordPress. I found this really good video after a lot of searching. Its really simple if anybody needs it.

  2. Kapwing is a really cool video editing tool. I had to edit a video as it was my daughter Kriti’s first birthday, I totally forgot about this & ended up paying to a different tool. Try kapwing.com. Here is the video I made

  3. Go reply this thread with your startup details. The cheapest demo day. Twitter is really awesome!

  4. This wonderful store which sells white-label ready made apps, really cheap. This is beyond awesome!

  5. Scroll Stack, an amazing tool which helps creators & all type of artists in earning from their work, really easy. The best thing is that it seems to be border-less & all-language-friendly. This is really amazing, would love to see how this space grows. Read about Scroll Stack here.

  6. Amazing product that any website can use to add a IRC & Discord type chat to the site.

Coding resources…

  1. Lazy load the images with a simple code.

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