Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 22

May 31, 2020 4 min read

See this pic. This is absolute love! This is SpaceX lifting off with a crew of astronauts, along with it lifts-off Elon Musk :)

Space opens up for private sector in the true sense. With this we get many steps closer to becoming multi-planetary.

So this week has been pretty eventful on all fronts, for all its worth, its a milestone week, one all people will remember for a long long time. Lets go through it one by one.

I completed the freeCodeCamp.org curriculum & with this I have received the full-stack developer certification.

This starts a new phase in my life where I would transition to the world of Tech from the world of Textiles, fulltime. Please let me know if you want a software or website made, either personally or for your Profession & Business. Also please refer me to friends & family who are looking for the same. I am also open to collaborating with any software developers. In other words, I am open to all & any opportunities, please send them my way. Thanks in Advance :)

India moves from Lockdown 4.0 or 5.0 (I have lost track) to Unlock 1.0. This is the biggest joke of this government. Everything is about positioning, thats it! Huh! People are mentally prepared to contract the virus & second wave is imminent. How big will it be? How will the people & the government react to it?

Share markets across the world are going up eventhough we are face-to-face with imminent recession. Things have stopped making sense since long though. In India atleast the shit will hit the fan when the EMI moratoriums are stopped is my guess.

Good luck to us!

Racism, which has been a boiling topic world-over & esp. in America. This week violent protests brokeout in America over George Floyd’s death by a Police-officer. This is election season in America & things are getting really bad. Here are a few tweets which kind of show all sides of the coin

The last video brought me to tears.

Now on with the learnings…

  1. An interesting thought experiment. There are a lot of mis-assumptions here but still, it throws a interesting prespective on how to think about things.

  2. An interesting pic to ponder over.

  3. An interesting story on how Facebook raised it round from a outside/unconventional investor & how it changed the rules of the game for startups.

  4. Given whats happening in the world & also in India with its workers. We need to understand our privilege. This thread puts things in the right context.

  5. The problem is that COVID-19 has the potential to kill democracy, its already happening. See this insightful small video.

  6. The thing is that the killing of economy is not helping either. Here is a anecdotal evidence.

  7. A really a insightful story on what happens to companies trying to reach Product Market Fit. One needs to focus on “Customer Problem Stack Rank” & start solving for the problems on the top.

  8. Quite a detailed thread on Social Media, Marketing & Life Philosophy & how to approach it.

  9. This totally blew my mind! The sheer joy of person will not let you move away.

  10. Now that you have seen Sudoku, this is amazing game of chess & even amazing Queen sacrifice. Just the amount of time he took to work out all the perumutations & combinations.

  11. Now that we cannot live without our phones & computes, we already are cyborgs for all practical purposes. Just that our bandwidth is really low, as we communicate only by seeing & typing. Neuralink is trying to bridge that gap. The most surprising thing is the direction that the bandwidth is presently moving towards. From 10 fingers on our keyboards we are down to just fingers(thumbs) on our phones & now the future seems to be of further bandwidth reduction by operating devices by voice. Voice identification has come a really long way.

  12. I had the opportunity of have some interesting conversation around Robotics & the challenges in the sector from the point of both technology & business. See this simple instructions challenge & wonder how difficult it would be to teach the same thing to a Robot, who doesn’t know what a knife or peanut-butter ot jelly is.

  13. I watched some really interesting videos this week, that I generally don’t entertain. After seeing this video how can we say that these animals are any less intelligent than us. See the video here.

  14. Mitron(Indian TikTok) is probably the fasest grown app in India from a subscriber count point of view. The story is just fascinating.

  15. This is a really intersting challenge. from $0 to $1Mn revenue in 1 year.

  16. One of the reasons why I love twitter & don’t consume mainstream news, either Newspaper or TV. A thread on how easy its to fool these guys.

  17. But can you even trust the twitter folks & its polls, either?

  18. If you are looking to raise funds, this thread is some solid advise.

  19. Some intersting & practical advise on how to paint any room & its effects.

  20. Elon Musk = Vision & Persistence

    So some more on the above.

    Listen to this story about obsession of Bill Gates over Microsoft.

    See this whole thread on Indians to look-up to. Indians under-dog story will not be of Hip-Hop, but of internet!

    The thing is that we don’t realise how small tech was until recently. The creators of tech world are riding this wave.

    Story of patience, grit & preservance from God(Sachin Tendulkar). More relevant in todays times. Can you leave every ball on the off for 10hours straight? Now is the time to defend your wicket & not get sidelined.

    Closing this newsletter with the only advise that matters.

Some links to resources

  1. Like @saurabh says, “The baap of all podcasts is here.” - Click here.

  2. The largest collection of startup pitch decks. For future reference.

  3. This looks to be an amazing program which is bring amazing people together & backing them to create companies. Amazing concept at joinef.com.

  4. Python developers are in the most demand today. Here is some resource for great learning.

That’s it for this week. Stay Safe!

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