Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 33 & 34

Aug 24, 2020 9 min read

Quite a week this was. One of the most amazing things that happened is that many people got back to me saying how they like the newsletter & send back links of their own. There is 2 purpose to this newsletter, to act as note taking tool & to increase high quality engagement. The 2nd purpose is getting fulfilled now. Love it!

Now a bigger news. Just launched the website & social-media of Unmask. Worlds first fully transparent mask. Here is something special for my friends here, a unique look of it.

.Go to www.unmaskyoursmile.com to stay updated & follow us on insta too @unmaskyoursmile.

On with the learnings….

  1. India has a really healthy inter-state trade. All of this using very legacy based system. WhatsApp is filling in the gap to some extent but we need more nuanced solutions.

  2. A musical concert in the trunk of a car. Awesome! Listen it here.

  3. So whats different about Jio? Basically Reliance Retail already accounts for 45% of India’s organised retail. So basically with Jio India wants to be its Amazon & Walmart married together. Quite a bold vision I should say. Read about it here in detail.

  4. Does Jio plan to really sideline Amazon by opening up its e-commerce on its feature/Dumb phones? Afterall India is adding internet users like crazy & most of the new users are going to be using the feature phone. Reliance is known to disrupt the market with deep discounts & with the kind of fund raising they have done now, they have more than firepower. It makes sense to develop apps for these feature phones. Read about it from KaiOS here.

  5. On one side is the above & on the other side is the Indian bureaucracy & public. Indians, the people, the public needs to understand the importance of Businesses & Entrepreneurs. Unless we as a society understand & appreciate their value, nothing is going to change. Read about the hurdles faced by a person who wants to convert his land to Non-Agriculture to start a factory.

  6. Google introduces Peoples card. Will this replace visiting cards & probably CVs?

  7. This was shared by Ganesh, a friend & follower of newsletter. Sharks found under a volcano! I also thought is it a hoax? But it isn’t. Read about it here. Ganesh & his wife are avid travellers & travel-vlog on their Youtube Channel, One Bag Journey. Go watch them.

  8. Do you look extra slim or fat in a pic? It could be the lens doing the trick. All photographers need to know this.

  9. Here is a thread on stats from major online startups before & after the lockdown. I am most surprised by the figures of Amazon & Flipkart. Traffic loss of 60%!!!

  10. Why can’t a paperclip be 2 stories stall & made of Styrofoam? What is divergent thinking & how schools are making us more homogenous. Isn’t divergent thinking the primary requirement for creativity? Why are different answers considered wrong by our schooling system?

  11. A company from Pune is the biggest manufacturer of vaccines in the world. No matter who develops the vaccine for Corona, they have to take help of Serum Institute. Read about the Poonawallas from Serum Institute here.

  12. People like money, nothing new there. The kind of love people have for stories is even greater.

  13. Here is the GPT3 copywriting competition update. Lets see who wins.

  14. Here is a Quora question where we get to know how FreeCharge acheived its first 1 lakh users. Going from 0 - 1 is the most difficult thing, I love stories like this.

  15. Startups are hard. Terribly hard. The first version of it, which is made with utmost love needs to thrown away. The initial prespective is mostly wrong, which needs to reworked. But you need to be right only once.

  16. Continuing the above idea, think over this.

    It takes effort to stand in future & see new possibilities.

    You need to be open to be proven wrong publicly. There will always be outsiders who will just change the paradigm of the game.

    Think of it. Auto industry tried its hands with EV. Governments gave big incentives to do it. All that talent, money & resources couldn’t make EV a reality, it had to be an outsider.

  17. But when giants are willing to cannibalize themselves, something amazing comes out of it. Amazons decision to allow 3rd party sellers onboard with consistent operations, gave it the edge everybody else was missing. Here is Dan Rose talking about his experience as it happened during his time there.

  18. The homogenity of Leeds area is crazy. Think about it LGBTQ people are the outsiders of our present world. The culture, companies & jobs which are open to LGBTQ is made by a positive feedback loop within a small area. Thats how it grows.

    Now these outsiders build a unique world for themselves, that the regular people have no idea about as their interactions are minimum. This bring divergent thinking into play & hence most creativity.

  19. I also learnt about something called FetLife. Makes me wonder about the depths of my unknowns. The rabbit hole that Internet takes you down through is insane. Read about FetLife on wikipedia here.

  20. Then there are people like this. A spiritual guru, promoting whey protein as some miracle. I guess distribution & money is everything.

  21. Hotel bills above 20k to show in ITR? This is not approved yet but what kinnd of suggestions are being proposed? What level of crazy is there underneath?

    Not just hotel bills but also property tax, school fees also.

  22. SC expects Jio to pay dues of R-Com just coz they use its towers? Is it some reporter mis-reporting?

  23. Its not about the resources. Just make the education available & see kids shine.

  24. Apple created history when it released its 1984 ad. The story of how it got approval to be released is a legend in itself - It was an act of defiance by the ad agency. Irony! Now Epic Games has remade the same ad when it has been pushed out of the App Store. They are fighting against the 30% commission the apple demands from its in-app payments.

    Here is the story of how the Apple’s 1984 ad got published.

  25. Now here is Apple trying to stifle QR codes. Apple still doesn’t support PWA completely. This is really bad for growth of tech. Also a cool use-case for QR codes on T-shirts.

  26. Apple even stopped updates from Wordpress app. Apparently there was some places where WP linked to external sites, which allowed payments. How crazy is this?

  27. Lead by example. There is only one way to lead.

  28. People make such beautiful things with just html css. Pure love.

  29. Do it!

  30. The amount of work & time, that goes into writing one piece is crazy!

  31. I don’t have better ways to put this. It is not your comfort zone, its your limit zone. All growth is beyond it.

    Avoiding the comfort trap is the difference between who you are and who you could have been.

    Nobody owes you anything. You earn respect by working hard everyday. Persistence!

    Discover yourself. Explore & experiment.

  32. This is deep. You don’t need to be smartest but should know most about it.

  33. I think what gives air to conspiracy theories. Here is somebody who seems to be making a fortune for himself out of people who consider everything a hoax, conspiracy or planted. Meet Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, though the comparision to Ramdev baba is unfair. This guy has a huge contribution in making Yoga popular.

  34. Here is the copy of the speech that would have been given had the moon landing failed.

  35. Palak Zatakia has been sending one link to read to people via WhatsApp groups. He right now reaches more than 30k people. Here is him detailing his learning from this excercise. He says how young India is eager to learn. Curation is the future.

    I have a plan around these lines. If you would like to be a part of this, lets talk.

  36. The story of “Humans of New York”. Isn’t it crazy how big a simple idea can become when done right with persistence.

  37. The most craziest swag there can be. How to make this hack proof & unique?

  38. This is where I am going once this Corona thing is over.

  39. Kunal Shah had a online discussion last week. Here are the notes from the session.

    Everything great starts out a toy.

  40. To 28 years of the world knowing ARR since the release of Roja. Go through the thread, ARR is an absolute gem.

  41. Also time to celebrate 25 years of Internet in India :D

  42. Think about a business with this philosophy. The more I think about it, the more this seems the right way of doing this. This is how to pie grows bigger & gets distributed fairly also.

    Amul Philosophy - Buy as COSTLY as possible & sell as CHEAP as possible.

  43. Mahendra Singh Dhoni retires from International Cricket. He is a institute in himself on management & leadership. A simple farewell to MSD from The Witty Marketer.

  44. Get out from the world of 2D & come to the world of 3D video with feeling for hologram. Don’t miss this at all.

  45. Decentralised hidden info game built using Block-Chain. Games are becoming truly decentralised, how long before everything else is too?

  46. This thread from Paras Chopra on deep-work esp in remote world. This awesome email. I want to communicate so much clearly & to the point.

  47. The whole computer system depends on open-work on multiple front. The dependency is mind-blowing. Think about it, with wrong time-zones, the whole world would go hay-wire.

    Think of IT as this.

    For example the Open SSL which gives security certificates to most websites, is opensource.

  48. This is crazy with PWAs & everything, we will soon work out of browser? No OS, No Apps? Everything on cloud. Seems very much plausible.

  49. CM Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan declares that jobs in MP are exclusively for MP people. I am being told that this will not be upheld in court, but it gives a really wrong message. This is bad.

  50. Wuhan has won over Corona & it has opened in style with a pool party. This is good news.

  51. After the blatant copying by Jio Apps, there is copying by Khatabook of the dukaan app. Who cares as soon as you are faster, not even necessarily cheaper.

  52. Indian companies are taking the road of buying rather than building. This is making the startup system really robust. More M&As is good news. Reliance acquires NetMeds(60%) for 620cr.

  53. This beautiful video take of a fairing coming back safely to OISLY ship. This is real & not photoshop.

  54. Give instructions in writing. Verbal instructions are crap. Writing forces you to think & be succinct, the communication is better this way when done properly.

  55. Economy propogates culture & language or is it the other way around?

  56. Learnt about a copy of twitter made by no-code-tools. No-code has improved insanely. Check out https://notrealtwitter.com/

  57. If you are looking to be an Angel Investor, this is a really good thread with good wisdom. What excites me is that, such trust & risktaking by individuals will give rise to a new era of entrepreneurship. These are great times. Here is some followup reading on the same subject.

  58. Wish somebody told me this when I was younger. Nobody makes their best work the first time. Its all about re-writing/re-doing. Thats how you become better.


  1. If you are looking to contribute to open-source projects. nodejs is looking for some help.

  2. All you designers out there, here is an opportunity to make $500. Grab it.

  3. How to make a blockbuster trailer of a movie. Here is the formula. It looks like sarcasm but its on point.

  4. A new way to learn from books. Read it, listen it, answer quizzes…. A better way to learn?

  5. Find search trends on Amazon. This is really great place to start their research if somebody looking at starting a online focused business.

  6. Good options for visualisation of data. Tableau Public, Domo & Google Colab.

  7. Use CleverTap’s emotion editor to write impactful emotional copy. With GPT3 & such tools, how long before we over do it? Access the product on ProductHunt here.

  8. lemon.io is a nice idea. Get vetted engineers, cutting down the time for HR. Also engineers are not misplaced in wrong teams. A new way of positioning Contract Staffing.

  9. Are you a front-end engineer? This sounds like a really good opportunity. I love the way the whole thread has beena articulated.

  10. A nice thread on on how non-english podcasts are rising.

    Esp Hindi podcasts are through the roof.

  11. Nice places to learn coding. Hearing good things about them.

Coding & Tech related

  1. details tag along with summary in html makes collapsible tags. This is awesome! Follow Ananya Neogi on dev.to

    Also can use <progress> & <meter> tags, best way to make progress bar.

    <progress value="56" max="100"></progress> 
    <meter min="0" max="100" value="56" low="25" high="75" optimum="50"></meter>
  2. Different numbers have different width & it sometimes breaks the design. This is how to make it right.

  3. Amazon has opened its Machine Learning University is now available to public - for free.

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