Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 25

Jun 22, 2020 4 min read

Since I have learnt coding. I can relate so much to this pic, that this pic defines my life today. I literally forgot to post the newsletter yesterday, after a streak of 24 weeks. I was so engrossed in developing my project that I zoned out of everything else. What a feeling this is. Totally love it!

So lets start with the learnings…

  1. This tweet really hits somewehere deep. RIP Sushant Singh Rajput.

    Here is one more

  2. People love Steve Jobs & so many other Business Leaders but I feel somehow Bill Gates doesn’t get his due. There’s as much to learn from Bill Gates as much is from Steve Jobs. This tweet thread is full of great resources.

    Think about it, Bill Gates disrupted the Operating Systems, Internet Browser & so many other markets. The legendary Microsoft Office, esp Excel which I believe is the most used & indispensable piece of software from the smallest of companies to a fortune-500 one.

  3. How do you motivate people? Great at telling war-time stories? You can use even that to motivate students to study & do their work. This is ultimate genius.

  4. Now that we are talking about great content. Are you looking for a sponsor to your channel which has great content. Here is Tyler Tringas looking to sponsor some.

  5. I am somebody who is not into vlogs, esp the travel ones. I find them too slow or too clumsy. But see this one. A breath of fresh air. These days I see youtube videos at 1.5x or 2x speed, but I didn’t feel like speeding this one up. Everything about this video is perfect. I’ll watch more & more of them.

    You are transported to Gulmarg, vacationing, snow-boarding among friends. You feel content & don’t want it to end at the same time. :)

    I ended up watching this while writing this newsletter. On first day of the week :D

  6. This is my next project after ‘Read Better’. Give me feedback & anybody wants to chipin? Get paid with your own money for doing things you should be doing.

  7. Twitter is such an awesome medium. Get answered by the top Rocket companies CEOs of the world. You just need to be asking good questions, nicely ofcourse.

  8. This is doesn’t sit well in my head for a person who thinks & plans in terms of decades.

  9. Especially consider this statement by Jeff Bezos, given ages ago. Amazon is in a stage where 70-80% of risk is internal/executional & not external.

  10. This is really good. This is how you go out researching about your competitors. This is beyond awesome. I will be using this.

  11. We are all the usual/regular to ourselves. From our point of view, everybody else in this world is always unusual. One of the biggest learnings when growing up is to learn that all people are different.

    But this thread is really great in understanding how its actually our environment & our experiences that shape us.

  12. This one really cracked me up.

  13. When some of the most finincial literates & top earners, put out tweets like this, you know times are not good.

    People are cuttings their spends drastically. Dunno what will push start the cycle of economy.

  14. Revenues of Businesses are down drastically.

    Two things that have sold like hot cakes after lockdown are Laptops & Washing Machines.

  15. If you are looking to learn coding, Florin-Pop’s channel is one of the best. Esp his live coding sessions, as a newbie you get to understand the thought process of veterans.

  16. Some good stats & learnings with regard to e-commerce from Flipkart study & research. Here is the detailed report.

  17. I am trying to learn system design architecture esp with regard to chat apps. Here is a nice video in regular language & not so technical. If you are/know somebody who is good at it. Please help me with an intro.

  18. Here is a nice interview hack from the masters themselves.

  19. Kids just need access. They don’t need schools & teachers to learn. This is such a crazy & awesome experiment. Kids teaching themselves, language & hacking with just a tab available. Wow!

  20. I had some really long discussion which touched on the importance of statues. Apparently people who make art also don’t understand the importance of it. People who don’t understand/agree to importance of statues & monuments, I have one question to ask them. Why are more often than not, statues & monuments used to depict a country? Statue of Liberty for America, Eiffel Tower for Paris & Taj Mahal for India?

    But ofcourse too much of anything is never good.

    Also anyways, Statues are more about the values they represent. Are values not important?

  21. Vietnam is the biggest benefactor of manufacturing facilities moving out of China. India is becoming highly un-competitive in the Export market everyday.

  22. Somebody tweeted on why Buffett & Munger like Banking & Insurance companies. The argument was that because of inflation, Banks & Insurance companies get to do more of Business every year with the same resources, i.e Staff, Office, etc….

    Wonder why isn’t it true for other sector companies? Inflation should increase the price of their goods also right. I think the answer is in the distribution of inflation, also that tech can disrupt a product. Money is far more reselient to disruption & when Money becomes the commodity being traded, it benefits naturally from this phenomenon.

  23. Understand you customer persona the best & keep your marketing material to the point. More is not always more. Adding unnecessary features makes the user feel he is over-paying for features they don’t want.

  24. Facebook is trying to open backdoor into data privacy brought in by GDPR. Why! Why do companies go to such lengths for this stuff! Beat me, but then I don’t even know their game.

  25. A story about a person who has dedicated more than 30 years to their goal. The sacrifices that families of such pioneers have to go through. This is a really inspirational Fathers Day thread about the person who has discovered the highest number of protein structures & from India.

  26. And to end, here is a new programming language in Hindi. The intro video & the idea are both just wow.

Thats it for this week. Stay Awesome!

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