Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 19

May 10, 2020 6 min read

So from next week I am going to be taking all my learnings & putting the pieces together…. What’e the point of all these random data points if we don’t put these into a framework & make mental models of these. So that would be the agenda from next week….

For this week, on with the learnings…

  1. So this where spending pattern of the top tier of the food chain is it. The lowest tier has lost all income so all spending power, whatsoever. What would be the behaviorial changes once this epidemic is over?

    Is this the new normal in travel? What else? Other than body frisking, now health checkups would also be normal?

    Vehicle sanitisation is definitely the next big thing, no doubt!

    People were trending less towards self cooking & more towards outsourcing it. A trend established in decades, reversed in weeks. What’s the new normal?

    From a sharing economy we will mostly progress towards a owning economy. People will fear over-night lockdowns & prefer to be prepared all the time.

    There is a news/rumor that vegetarians are not/less effected by the Corona virus. Such news/rumors will drive consumer behavior greatly. For example read this report from Zomato on how people have boycotted chicken all together & how that has almost decimated the industry.

  2. Drop-shipping was considered to be the next big thing. Seems like it was just momentary. People made less money drop-shipping but more money teaching this. Read here about what the best drop shippers of the world are moving on to.

  3. Not all heroes wear capes.

  4. Sound advise on what are the pitfalls one can get into when starting a new business. See this list as what not to do when starting a business.

  5. The baap of all fund raises. The level flexibility & vision Mukesh Ambani has shown is just stunning. I actually look forward to the next generation from the Ambani family.

  6. Yongsters are not just the CTO’s of the family, looks like they are driving also the vision of Entrepreneurs. People are increasingly looking towards the young to understand where the next shift is going to be. See this thread where people are openly talking about being wrong about Tesla & how they are noe head-over-heels in love with both the product & the stock!

  7. Distribution is God! Afterall thats why partnership between facebook (& hence whatsapp) & jio is one of the most feared of partnerships there is. & now with whatsapp getting into payments…..

    Here is a chart on how Microsoft teams overtook slack overnight just by its power of distribution. Ofcourse from here on its distribution & who has the better product.

    Just see how it has Slack worried! Why would you give such advertisement to your competitor? Is it to motivate your team? Would like to understand the thought behind this.

  8. Keep you head down & keep working. Love the process!

  9. Now read the above with this tweet from naval. We like to consider that success is a result of luck/god-gifted-talent or else we will be guilty in our eyes of not working hard enough.

  10. Excellent story on how there is a direct correlation of success people having working mothers. Its more so because of the value system it imbibes into the children. Just amazing! But also how people are totally ignorant about this.

    Happy Mothers day!! - To the unsung sheros of this world.

  11. Is this the right metric to measure the economy? Esp in a economy which has shifted to services in a big way?

  12. Some good news!

  13. Now this is a chair I will look forward to owning someday.

    Here is the winner. The Herman Aeron Chair.

  14. One of the top notch threads on how to approach marketing, valid for start-ups & the incumbents. Must read & follow thread.

    Here is the framework in a summary.

    In todays world, Ads compete with cat pics :)

    The function of most advertising is to prevent sale loss (and not sales)

    I also watched the move ‘Made In China’ on Netflix. A must see for any marketer & entrepreneur.

  15. Its all about communication, positioning & the story you tell.

  16. Nothing motivates people better than their emotions delivered instantly!

  17. Must read in to explara’s journey since 2012 in the form 10 emails shared by its founder. An actual behind the scenes look into what actually goes into building something remarkable.

  18. Wow! If coders are also the best writers, I guess its only apt that coders rule the world.

  19. This is the most ruthless thing any govt can do. Laborers are humans, not just a resource!

  20. I really want to understand the next-order effects of such a decision of exempting industries from Labor acts. Also what is the govt signalling? Are these laws bad? Is India stuck just because of its labor laws? Will this uphold in the courts?

    For the record, Not just UP govt but other state govt’s have also taken such decisions.

  21. In the wake above. One must also read this. How unions & labors killed industries the states along with the people working in them. These problems are more nuanced than one can think of.

    Though this is also one side of coin or more of a perception of selection vision.

  22. This gem from the history. The process of the cool graphics that led to development of Mortal Kombat.

  23. Not understanding investment & how the markets function will result on its ones own peril.

  24. What was once hailed as the most ambitious Industrious project for & by the country, today languishes in courts & papers. Its this inability to execute(for whatever reason), is what will kill Indian economy from a investment point of view.

    In the movie ‘Made In China’ its said repeatedly, that to be a Businessman one needs ‘Balls of Steel’. I think this is a sad situation, not very different from license raj, if not worse. License Raj was probably predictable, this is not!

  25. Excellent thread of practical advise from parents on business. This something one should read once every month to stay grounded. I practically want to quote every tweet of this thread here.

  26. One the things I love to understand are the unintended-consequences & the 2nd/3rd/multi-order effects of a decision. One advise by somebody in Urban planning, I’m sure people don’t even recall who, to plant only male trees in our cities so that it becomes easier for civic authorities, has given rise to an un-precedented problem of pollen-pollution & also withheld from us some good opportunity for wonderful flowers & fruits.

    I always wondered why aren’t there any fruit trees planted by anyone, I guess I now know one of the reasons & how we are worse off because of it.

    People are acting towards solving this problem but its going to take decades for things to normalise & it will again have un-intended consequences, for better or worse is for time to tell.

  27. Mobile-app companies outsourced their login process to third party applications, its natural. Users love it & it makes things easy for the devloper too. But what happens when that dependency breaks? Here is a story about what happened when the login api of facebook broke.

  28. The way AR is improving day-by-day. We are in for some amazing ride in the coming years.

  29. This is really cool. How our eyes adjusts to different situations. Or is it just the camera?

  30. Seems like its not just Indian government which is bad at this. Maybe world over all the governments have become the same?

  31. An interesting read on how a software design lead to a 100Mn Dollar loss for Interactive Brokers.

    When oil prices went negative I was more surprised that the software had that functionality built in to allow negative prices. That just sounded crazy to me from a design point of view. But ofcourse somebody had the foresight & unfortunately some didn’t.

  32. These are solid guidelines for personal finance in this thread. This is mostly it. It’s just this boring. Same thing repeated over & over again in different words.

    Another gem of a quote. “Personal finance is more personal than it’s finance”. But almost everything is.

  33. Plastic was invented to save the nature. What an irony!

Here are some resources…

  1. Impact of COVID-19 newsletter. Esp on economy.

    Stay safe & prosper!

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