Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 20

May 17, 2020 4 min read

Hi! So I was supposed to start with my writeups for the mental models this week. Though I have started the process I couldn’t complete it before EOD, will publish soon. The first one will be on Marketing & the approach of different brands towards it. If you would be interested in helping me with the infographics for it (you will get credit & karma), please do let me know.

This is the Week 20 of the year 2020 & a Rs. 20 Lakh stimulus was announced by our government. So far I see this just as a hogwash. For what it is worth, govt. itself is stuck in a 20-20 situation.

On with the learnings…

  1. What’s a good startup idea? Do you see a anamoly in the world? Something that should be there but isn’t? That’s generally a good place to start researching about it. Look for anamolies, look for compensatory behavior. Here is a good read about it.

    You know where did the idea of WhatsApp-pay originated from? People where paying through other apps & sharing screenshots on WhatsApp. - Compensatory behavior.

  2. While we are on the subject. Here is Steve Jobs, the maestro himself talking about marrying need/anamoly/behavior with technology & where the tech world goes wrong in the most cases.

  3. Technology is just a medium, the goal is to deliver value. How you deliver that value, doesn’t matter.

  4. But remember this golden rule. You have to keep marketing, promoting to keep selling.

  5. With the way the government has provided/announced the stimulus package this week, I am deeply hurt & disappointed. This is the govt I voted for 2 times over & its making a fool of me :(

    So here are some links on what I think is wrong with the govt. I wont provide any explanation, make your own mind. But I want to remember this for later.

    I posted this last week, posting here again for context. The calculation of how central govt is paying 85% of ticket cost.

    Here is the collector of Surat, Gujarat talking about workers having to pay the full fare of the ticket.

    The CEA talking about no economic crisis during the pandemic.

    Various state governments are repealing labor laws. In such times, this story of how a company, USRC exploited its workers & put them in harms way. The thing which led to laws for workers safety.

    No comments here.

    Here are the thoughts of Mr. Rajiv Bajaj on the issue.

  6. Government wants us to become AtmaNirbhar & people are looking at production from companies shifting to India from China. Just see the stark comparision here, even if this is factually wrong, its all about the image & perception. With wrong image, India will never get investments & this isn’t entirely wrong either.

    here are examples

  7. Above was about the government, but I don’t know what to make of Tirupati temple trying to manage it like a business. Looks like, at the time of distress you are all on your own.

    After seeing at whats happening around recently. Think of all possible worst case scenarios possible in life. Prepare, save & insure yourself, Be #AtmaNirbhar, always!

  8. In the tech world how easy it is to lose your years of harwork, if you are not careful. A reminder to be thorough about the work, platforms, etc… Read the replies to understand how Kathik probably lost all their work.

  9. So, looks like finally the Real-Estate sector is coming face-to-face with its precarious situation. With prices slashing lets see where this leads us to. Here is a report on how prices in Mumbai would have dropped by 20% to 50% or even more from the listed price.

  10. A air-purifying mask that looks like a space suite/helmet. Totally love this!

  11. Bitcoin is becoming more & more main-stream. This pandemic has the potential to accelerate its adoption.

  12. Here is a amazing thread on how Naman Saraogi, raised from stellar founders for his startup, Refrens. How investing in long-term relationships is the right approach to this.

  13. An amazing what kids learn from their environments. Kids learn the most from their parents & that’s why its important that parents not only set a high moral example by their own actions but also have a high level of subject knowledge & work ethic. Its amazing what kids of high knowledge parents have achieved (see Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Bill Gates & here Steve Woznaik). Now that I am a parent myself, I think about this a lot.

  14. Instamojo comes up with online stores, websites & all else. Seems like going the gumroad way.

  15. Centralisation of profits is happening, atleast in India. This study really boggles my mind. What’s the fuel of this behavior?

  16. I don’t know what to make of this. Will have to wait for further developments to understand implications.

  17. I don’t expect any actions here, whatsoever. I don’t even know what this behavior is. Why isn’t the richest Cricket Board in the world not paying its dues?

  18. This mind blowing! Cut & Paste real life objects, using AR.

  19. I want to roll back time & go enroll for this 3 year voluntary tour of duty with Indian Army. I know I wouldn’t have done this when I was younger but I wish I had tried. Just learning the scale & culture from the Army can do wonders!!!

  20. Here is the story of somebody who travelled international. If this is what international travel will look like in the future, I don’t know where this will take us.

  21. The story of unacademy. The people who think they can change the world are the ones who end up changing it.

  22. A really amazing story on a Sanskrit startup & the amount of interest worldover for it. Here, read this good read. Just do what you love & find your tribe.

  23. Policybazaar shows interest in 50-60 startups every month for 2 years & in the end up acquiring not even 1 of them. I will say, this is acting in bad faith.

  24. Get video recorded job applications, with AI/ML, helping you sorting the applications. This is really good!

  25. So Earnest Capital is moving from the pitching process to having a dashboard, helping startups, which would later make a pitch redundant, so discussions directly move on to making the deals. Read about what Earnest Capital is doing here.

  26. Here is an awesome way of managing notes & links for study & research on a topic. Probably I would follow this myself but I am hearing that RoamResearch is better. Need to try it.

Stay Safe! Be AtmaNirbhar!

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