Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 9

Mar 1, 2020 4 min read

So this is on the display of a window in Ahmedabad, which generally posts some witty take on what ever is happening in the world.

Now this week I also saw “The Forgotten Army - Azadi ke liye”. Its a webseries by Amazon Prime, its a story about the struggle of Indian Nation Army, India’s first Army. The Army that got India freedom & the one India has forgotten. We all know the call by Shri Subhash Chandra Bose - “Tum Mujhe Khoon Do, Mein tumhe Azadi doonga’. There was one more, widely used by the Army just like - ‘Jai Hind’. It was

From there to here is just heart breaking. The problem is that I don’t know who is right & whose side to take.

Incidentally I also happened to attend a condolence of a very famous Businessman from Ahmedabad. 1000s of people poured in. Something like this happens only when you add value & impact lives of so many people. How do people impact & motivate 1000s & millions of people. The answer is pretty straight forward when the enemy is external but what to do when the enemy is internal? How do you lead? What is that will make your opponents rise up above petty politics? How do you win trust of millions, what would be the vision & leadership that would drive people to the higher Idea of India. What was the vision that motivated & propelled Singapore, Japan & China?

So, on with the learnings…

  1. Self-discipline is what is going to propel you personally in life. Like Naval & Steve-Jobs says, find something that you love doing & until you get that, keep searching.

  2. Mukesh Ambani says Gaming is going to bigger than Movies & all other forms of entertainment. Read about it here.

  3. Microsoft launches 100X100X100 program to help Indian B2B SaaS startups. [Read about it here.]

  4. Is it possible that Tesla will disrupt a whole country(Germany)? Because all car companies are moving towards EVs that looks unlikely, but because EVs use very less parts & mainly a zero-engine kind of framework, the auto industry is definitely disrupting. [Read it here.]

  5. What an awesome marketing hack. I am in the process of getting onboard the initial users of Tezi.app. Would love to have such a hack.

  6. A simple mission for tezi.app - “we prioritize and empower whatever creates financial progress of our customers”

  7. Awesome marketing idea.

  8. Why direction is more important than velocity.

  9. India invents space bricks, bricks made out of space soil. Which can be used to make settlements in space. This is the kind of news that makes me dance :)

  10. Listen to this , music from horn - talent of a truck driver.

  11. Insightful. Ageing / Aged ladies, a market mostly ignored?

  12. Wonderful business cards. Business cards have mostly become irrelevant, with absolutely no recall. This is a good way to get recall from Business cards.

  13. Dindigul a small town in TamilNadu, makes it to Fortune Data Sheet. Ingenious technology of India.

  14. Nobody can put it in a better way. If the current economic system breaksdown, Gold is not coming to your rescue.

Some tools I came across

  1. Came across this tool, which looks really interesting, have not tried it, would love if somebody could give a detailed personal review. Check out https://getmemex.com/

  2. A wonderful tool to do a background check for employees or anyone, its called springverify. You can initiate the check by a sending a simple WhatsApp message “SPRINGSTART” to phonenumber 8431237470.

  3. A fun way to go through summary of books here https://www.booklets.io/

  4. When you want to learn something, https://learnawesome.org/ is a good place for all the resources.

  5. Want to learn coding from home? Here’s one more resource. https://www.codenewbie.org/

  6. Amazing content from people who are doing & breaking stuff.

  7. If you are a youngster, these are places you should be at for learning. hacklodge.org & recurse.com look to be really interesting places to both work & learn.

So I attend this amazing meet by ProductFolks. Where Shashwat Bhatt, COO of Gridle, Akash Kotadia, Founder of Ostramics, Nawaz Mohammed, Sales & Mktg Head of SalesHandy gave amazing talks. Here’s what I learnt

  1. Marketing, Customer support & all roles are getting redefined. There’s a complete & obsessive focus on the user & his experience. For example, Customer support has become “Customer Success”, just the name has not changed, the role also has.

  2. Creating a category is a capital & resource intensive process & you can’t stay a category of just one, so promote & build the whole ecosystem.

  3. Zapier has good reporting tools & dashboard. Infra & Open Source tools available easily. Its making easy to build SaaS tools but also decreases the switching cost.

  4. Focus on a lot of verified & qualified Inbound marketing.

  5. Google for CROs. Products(Softwares) will be customised for different users, so different users will see different user flows. Also email based learning for features not being used by the user.

  6. Make user realize the value of the product every week not just deliver value. Show them numbers. Numbers of conversations, customers, orders, etc…

  7. Read about Product Lead Growth.

  8. Have Product Qualified Leads driven sales.

  9. An ideal product team has a visionary, a good communicator, an eternal optimist & an eternal pessimist.

  10. Direction is more important than the velocity in a product team.

  11. Donts for the team leaders

    • Tolerate Wannabes

    • Give into confirmation bias or any bias. Pitch optimist vs pessimist to get rid of biases.

    • Make as many decisions as possible. (Stops team from becoming autonomous.)

  12. Does for the team leaders

    • Actively learn psychology.

    • Keep the culture semi-professional.

    • Actively provoke the team.

  13. Good Leadership

    • Decreases stress.

    • Improves momentum.

    • becomes replaceable.

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