Learnings in life - Year 2020 Week 21

May 24, 2020 4 min read

So finally lockdowns being lifted & slowly life coming back to normal. Lets hope that we get a manageable second wave post this. Here’s what I learnt this week.

On with the learnings of this week….

  1. Skype which had a 18year head start into video conferencing, losing it against new players like Zoom & Meet. To such an extent that Skype as a verb is replaced with zoom & its like Skype is no longer in anybodys memory.

  2. No doubt that doing is the best form of learning but I would reckon a Good teacher is a lot lot better, esp given the fact everybody has the constraint of time. The tricky part is being able to finding & judging the good from the bad.

  3. You don’t need to learn coding to be able to make MVPs & apps. Here are 3 good tools. Though I think bubble is the best from the list for a simple reason that they insane amount data storage in the free version. Others not so much.

  4. Loved to read this take on how its a challenge for women to find partners & have relationships where their career is equally important & how its mislabeled by the Media/Society. All from the founder of theleague.com, who has started a dating app for this particular mission.

  5. Now that’s what determination looks like.

  6. The replies to this question about finding a full-fledged opensource React applications is really interesting for all the answers to this post.

  7. It doesn’t happen only in India. There is shitty infra all over the world. We need to start focusing on the positives in our country. (but not stop expecting the best out of it )

  8. This picture speaks a million emotions! This is a period India will not forget easily. This is going to comeback to haunt us.

  9. Too little, too late. Finally when the government itself is unable to pay its employees, it loosens the noose on the private sector. What they don’t understand is that the damage is already done.

  10. There is this crazy war going on between YouTube vs TikTok. People have been downrating TikTok, it seems its down to almost 2 stars. The way ratings are being used as a form of protest/disagreement is really worrying.

  11. All these crazy stories from the past on shady things by companies in the stock market is just mind-boggling. Deserves a proper book of its own.

  12. A crazy experience of somebody who went to Decathalon Pune. Shoppers are not allowed to touch & feel the merchandise. There are no trial rooms. All billing & payment needs to be done on the app, there are no cash counters. Long lines for entry & checkout. If this is the sign of things to come for offline-retail, there is no doubt that online is the way to go.

  13. The crazy world of VC funded startups & how they are fueling arbitrage opportunities which leads to wrong incentives. A pizza restaurant finds arbitrage opportunity on selling via doordash, the story is just crazy. Read it.

  14. Just love this hack. I don’t think choosing colors can be made any easier. Thank you Ravish Bhatia.

  15. An awesome awesome thread on what one learns from various fields. Concise wisdom.

  16. An interesting take on Donal Trump. How he was just looking for limelight & not power when he ran for president. Hence even today he doesn’t have any love for more power, just more love for limelight/popularity.

  17. What is that the world as a whole is moving towards? Its not about how the market today looks like, its about how the market will look like in the next 1, 5 & 10 years.

  18. And now here is space blowing our minds. Venus shows its same face to the Earth when both the planets align.

  19. What influenced the design of iPod? I always thought that the wheel on ipod was genius. I really wonder why don’t wee see that often. Here is the radio which possibly influenced the iPods design.

  20. Ninjacart is one of the best startups today in India. Innnovating in a really interesting space.

  21. An interesting thread on how being an Entrepreneur is not just about starting a company or a devising a new product/solution. Its a lifestyle choice.

  22. Just the things a Salesman had to go through in those days to close a sale. We today have just become lousy with Social Media & what not. Be entertaining or useful, that’s how you earn trust. Also a story on how great word-of-mouth advertising is. A must read thread.

  23. T-Series has been a real out-of-box thinker in the Indian music space, early on most things before others could even get a clue on it. The YouTube game of T-series has just been top class. Its the highest revenue generator for the company today. Now its Hanuman Chalisa is closing in on 1 Billion views.

  24. If you are a student, Github is giving out a ton of items for free. Check it out.

  25. What is the strange or puzzling thing that you would like to explore more & learn about? Hit me up. Will try to research on that :)

  26. General Magic mobile phones came before Apples iPhones but didn’t breakthrough for some reason. Here is a interesting documentary on it, the #1 on iTunes.

I hope you found this post relevant. Please consider donating here, to help the marginalised in these difficult times, with ration kits. Please share your donation receipts with me & I will write a detailed & researched 10000 word post on a topic of your choice. Thanks!

Stay Safe!

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