Learnings in Life - Year 2020 Week 10

Mar 8, 2020 6 min read

Again not getting much time to read in between tezi.app & learning-to-code. I made a random quote generator, see it here. The idea is to mix this with this

& also this…

Want to work on this cool project with me? Lets talk!

So now, On with the learnings…..

  1. Love this idea by Amazon of story boxes. #IAmAmazon the way GooglePay & Amazon are killing it by promoting their merchants is just love.

  2. How do you get people like Amit Agarwal in your team? I think the actual question is how do you motivate them day-in & out.

  3. So the biggest winner of this food-delivery explosion is probably Faasos/Behrouz owner Rebel Foods. This is the same case of in the Gold rush, collectively speaking its not the miners who made money but rather the people who sold shovels did. Sometimes its ok to not own your customer, esp when there is crazy-money-burning VC funded race going on.

  4. This is a really awesome JavaScript course by Dan Abramov. Its not for total beginners though, you are expected to have basic knowledge & experience of JS. The way of explanation by Dan is just mind-blowing.

  5. Just love these illustrations. Its time we had some spicy superheros :D

  6. India still employs a 250-year old strategy used by the British, to recruit. Damn! This is crazy. But now I know what I need to do when I get there :)

  7. This amazing corporate communication of Paytm to anybody joining the organisation. The message is cant be bolder, even when your on-boarded. Damn! This is awesome.

    Go BIG or Go Home.

    Once in a lifetime God gives us a opportunity to create a dent in the universe. THIS IS OURS.

    Damn! This is beautiful. Outstanding. What all & what not.

  8. Abhishek helps a girl who was having suicidal thoughts. And how by listening & caring & persistent-nudges, he helps the girl shine & gain confidence & win life. You will have a tear in your eyes by the time you are through this. I did.

    This. This. Amazing story. Not all heros, wear capes. There could be one just sitting in your Inbox.

  9. Damn! I will have to start taking screenshots of these tweet threads, they just keep being deleted. So basically if you are building business for Bharat (India in 2 & 3 tier), do you have a advantage of 10ms in loading on UC Browser? this could be a game changer advantage. How well do you know your user or target customer & his world?

  10. Did nutgraf redact its this weekend article? It was supposed to be on https://the-ken.com/the-nutgraf/allies-and-enemies/ Damn! will have to have a offline version of everything. This is crazy!

    Basically Amazon is not allowing CCI to conduct an enquiry into it, though publicly its letting out the perception of co-operating. Ultimately CCI is asking for more powers from the govt.

    Adanis won most of management contracts for Airports in India. Ultimately govt has now brought a new provision not allowing a single company more than 2 airports in new projects.

    Microsoft & Jio join hands as Jio looks at building server farms across the country & Microsoft providing the software to manage it. You know how Microsoft Azure is making inroads & growing against AWS? Nadella has a very simple sell, he probably goes around & asks people one simple question. Do you want your competitor to have access to all your data?

  11. This amazing post of Slipstream by podium with lots of links to read.

    Laptop getting stolen lead to building of cashify & how the team persevered even when investors didn’t believe in them.

    Some amazing insights on networking & how to do it by AkshayDatt. Networking is one of the most important thing you MUST DO. Don’t ignore it even if you are an introvert.

  12. How has Wikipedia-India become a cartel, a mafia. Sadly, even wikipedia founders seem helpless. Incentives matter & that’s where all things in the longterm slide towards. Also human tendency to game a system is just too much. Holding a large part of internet in their control. A must read thread.

  13. This is an amazing education model by shopify, where they launched a “dev degree” in partnership with university. This is how you solve the problem of training, recruiting & also do social good.

  14. Fintech startups in India approach lending as a underwriting problem. Its a collection, incentives, intention & culture problem. We as culture believe that its ok to cheat from Government & Banks. This has now seeped to cheating each other. Its my personal opinion that this can be tackled by a dual approach, by credible data & business practice change. Tezi.app is an initiative towards that. Must read thread!

  15. This is why twitter is the best. Best of minds have great conversations, inputs & we get to witness it. Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s reply to above

    Collection process will upgrade like logistics upgraded in e-commerce.

  16. Are your recruiting for a startup? Just ask all the candidates to pitch the startup. If they would have readup & researched on the startup, can they do this or they can’t. Easy filter to filter the serious from the ones just winging it. Doesn’t work on established brands & companies though.

  17. SpaceX looks at building one StarShip ever week. Damn! rockets, faster & cheaper than airplanes. Am I in a dream?

  18. Additional Tier 1 bonds, or AT1 bonds are inferior than equity when it comes to debt seniority. What! Bonds with worse seniority than equity!? unreal. Just that people who bought this never considered that even banks could fail. Just what has happened with Yes Bank. Read up all on AT1 bonds in this thread here. Just re-affirms my belief that Equities are the best form of investments, everything else is it just pointless.

  19. A 14 year or 18 year old can have Ideas better than the rest of the world, it has nothing to do with age. But just like AI & ML need a minimum data set of 30000 units to give meaningful results, a person comes the best of their ideas at around 30years of age. There is no set formula for this, but this is real close & the thought has merit. What I mean is that every youngster should optimise for knowledge & learning till age of 30.

    Here is the advise I gave somebody who is graduating recently. I asked him try out different verticals in his Industry, giving 1-2 years of experience to each vertical. Then finalizing one vertical for the rest of his life around the age of 30.

  20. Sukoon ki Talash mei - I just love this poetry. Must have listened to it 10s of times. This is awesome, give your ears & soul this pleasure. Amazing poem & delivery.

  21. Are you struggling to find your purpose in life? Like the poem & illustration above, its not something you find, its something within you. Its something you cultivate.

  22. Found the purpose & now how to achieve it? Here are some wise words. “Don’t replicate the best when they are taking the victory lap. Replicate what they did before they became the best.”

  23. Take notes in your own words(one idea per note) & make connections between them via links. Review them every-week. Once you have taken around 1000 notes, your learning starts to become exponential & you have insights that nobody else has. A knowledge mental model which is a super power.

    To think of it, this is what twitter is. That’s why I use twitter so extensively & my blogs are so full of this. This is what @visakanv does on twitter

  24. The future is here. Get ready for exciting times ahead :) Omni-directional treadmill! Remember last weeks interview of Mukesh Ambani, where he was talking about gaming being bigger than all of Entertainment industry. Watch the movie ‘Ready Player One’ to know how.

Well looks like we are in for a rough ride & a dystopian movie fiction has come true in the form of #CoronaVirus. Lets get that out of the way first

With trade & commerce kind of coming to a halt coz of events getting cancelled, chinese factories shutdown, people cancelling travel plans, etc…. This could be the immediate impact…

No other govt has acted as swiftly & responsibly as Chinese & Korean govt. China has already almost contained any further spread of the virus. The world is just waking up & taking its own time at it.

The way people are collaborating for this is just amazing. China, South Korea & Singapore know what they are doing & are handling it so well. Nobody else is. Something to say about leadership & communication & all that.

A good thread to read-up some scientific facts on Corona-Virus.

There is one silver lining to all of this. The lower economic activity is givinf nature the necessary breather & brought down pollution levels drastically in China.

If this corona-virus turns out to be what the world is fearing, almost all businesses will be hit severely. But there is one business, which would boom. The content business, people locked indoors with nothing to do, will consume content at a scale never seen before.

That’s it for the week from me. The purpose of me doing these blogs is to both document my learnings & also to start conversations around these interesting subjects, so call me or send me a text or mail & lets talk :)

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