Learnings in Life - Year 2020 Week 5

Feb 2, 2020 7 min read

It has been quite a week. Documenting the learnings all week is quite a challenge. I also have to do a month end review. Learning is not an easy job. I am also learning that to actually boost the learning, I have to start writing them in my own words & start having frameworks & theories for thinking better.

  1. I will start this week with a thread that every body should read & figure out a similar framework that works for themselves. Measure yourself by your own metric. Often the thing is that are you asking the right questions? [Read the thread here] [Read the blog here]

  2. An excellent talk by Steve Jobs on how their focus on quality wasn’t a advantage just from the angle of Marketing, Sales or customers but also with suppliers. “Next” was very small but suppliers entertained them because “Next” was giving them quality details/updates that nobody else was. Brilliant!

  3. The biggest inventions often happen at the cusp of where 2 industries/verticals meet.

  4. You think remote work is the hot thing today? Steve Jobs predicted this in 1990. When he is called a visionary, its no joke. But also reinforces the fact that you have to be on one of the tall piers to be able to see ahead & far.

  5. Doers are the thinkers. If you are not doing, whats the point of your thinking. If your thinking doesn’t propel you to act, doesn’t that make you question your thinking?

  6. Basically you should go through this whole thread.

  7. This. This is going to be my philosophy when & as I build my team. This is what motivation looks like. This one tweet encompasses everything I’m learning one crisp way. Hail stevejobs!!!

  8. As they say, You are average of the people you spend most time with. I am so greatful to Internet & Twitter to put in paths to such amazing people. Here Paras chopra talks about his learnings from the past decade. He founded & succesfully exited from his company. After which he completely devoted himself to learning & the amount of learning a motivated person can do in a short span of time has completely blown my mind. We are destined for greatness, limited only by our beliefs. Here he talks about how everything that has tested the test of time is Rational. If religion survives the test of time, it is rational. I’ll be frank, I don’t understand 80% of what’s written. Our brains are designed for survival & not to understand reality.[Read the blog here.] Something I really loved in this whole presentation is to know that what are others doing & making sure you don’t become one of them. This is the thought in developing tezi.app on it not becoming IndiaMart or udaan, etc….

  9. One more really brave Idea, dies :( Its really sad. Timing is everything but you will know it only once you try. Knowing what you don’t want to be is powerful. Read here Why TruStory is shutting down.

  10. This is a grim piece about the problems faced by KKR, a private equity firm in India. Most companies they lended to have run into corporate governance issues. [Read about it here.]

  11. Did you know that there are more active devices in use running on Apple rather than Microsoft today. Its quite a coming of age story. Here it is to 10th anniversary of iPad, reading this actually amazes me that iPad didn’t take over Laptops. So some more Steve Jobs :)

  12. Here is an awesome presentation which clearly defines the perspective of pricing. What I take from this is that you should always strive to create a higher perceived value for your product. That’s what buils Quality & Branding does.

  13. I got a chance to give a product presentation of tezi.app at ProductHunt. Something on the lines of what’s discussed above.

  14. How when an Industry matures enough, it starts getting regulated. This is what is happening with tech. A really interesting presentation on tech trends.

  15. There are few of my readers who aspire to be Product Managers. Here is the list of online resources for learning PM. Here is the thread.

  16. I came across a nice hack to know what people think of you. Ask them “What car do you think suits me?”

  17. This is interesting. Should gurus give up money? & be at the mercy of financers? भूखे भजन न होय गोपाला

  18. How do you collobrate without being online or in the same room at the same time. This is awesome. It goes with the idea if people know what they have do, you don’t really have to follow them, they will deliver. People build their work around life & not life around work. Their internal process is documented here.

  19. While we are at it, it makes sense to go through this really solid guidelines by BaseCamp for internal communication.

  20. So I am lucky to meeting & talking to a few really driven students & youngsters. There is only one thing that I find to be unfortunate, I see them optimising for money too much early on their life. They see money has both validation & ofcourse money to splurge. The depth of this tweet is pretty much difficult to explain & all the talk around exploitation of interns, etc… doesn’t help. Yes there are bad actors, but the alternative is worse. You first need to prove yourself & gain trust & it has many factors, its not just about your talent, there are many angles to this.

  21. Building on the above. the gulf between what the colleges teach & what the markets want is way way big. A problem of equal size is when people stop learning once out of college. Growth can’t be avoided or negotiated.

  22. The way Indian politics (probably its the same around the Globe) works, I don’t think any society(read country) can grow if it doesn’t honor its contracts. Everytime you dishonor a contract, your trust takes a hit & the cost increases & motivation decreases. Sadly Maharashtra has put all projects on hold, once it came to power. The same seem to happened in Andhra Pradesh. Read it here. Sad :(

  23. The giant that is china is just unreal. Sadly they are presently caught in this nightmare of Corona Virus :( A must read to understand why China is rightly place to be leader of tomorrow, esp in the tech world.

  24. This is just amazing. You just have to be 1% better than your competitor, because the results are binary. The 1% better person/team/company/country, wins the result 100%, the winner-take-it-all come into play. Ofcourse the more important factor of consistency. If you are just better by 1% from your competitor consistently, you start owning both the resources & the market. Has this what has worked in favor of Apple against Microsoft?

  25. Wow! Augmented audio. Love this, how you will be able to tune-out everybody else to focus on just one person & will be able to talk in mid of a concert. Damn! The future is exciting. [Read it here]

  26. See this weekly update from SlipStream. It takes a grim view on the tech advancement of the last decade. I don’t agree with them because they completely overlook the advancements like Hyperloop, reusable rockets, neuralink, EVs etc… Also often tech breakthroughs take time to come into limelight or become marketable. Its similar to people saying Apple doesn’t innovate anymore, they just make phones bigger & thinner, their problem is focus, they they think of Apple as just a phone company. The problem is their focus, not apple. Probably mobile-phone technology has reached its saturation & Apple is actually innovating in the wearable tech segment like watches & Air-pods, etc… Apple is a tech company, not a phone company. I don’t have any news or knowledge about the tech advancement that would have happened in the health sector, robotics, genetics, etc….

  27. Are you going through a rough patch with your Senior/Manager/Partner/Friend. Are you trying to resolve it with no success? Have you thought about the environment where you are addressing it? A must read thread. Simple yet profound.

  28. Think & work in frameworks & theories. That’s how you grow. That’s how you gain knowledge that you can use. Here’s what a ProductManager goes through to add or remove one small feature in an app.

  29. Here is something beautiful, nice & awesome for the week. No fuel flying plane, Magic! Well it’s not. Its just Physics called as surface effect.

  30. Laugh! But what talent! TikTok is just amazing!

  31. I learned about ESOPs in little more detail.

  32. Apple is probably not going to allow webview :|

Here are some resources I came across this week.

  1. Something is broken here in substack :/

    • Know what products your idols use. - YourStack of @naval.

    • Get the real time pulse of the room, as you make a presentation. I was a participant in one, its real cool. -Mentimeter.

    • Curates book recommendations from tweets. - Bookschatter

    • Take notes & network them through. Something like the brain app, probably better. - RoamResearch

    • Design resources by Google.

    • A calendar for a Social Media planner. Always have something to celebrate or talk about.

    • Have heard good things about this calendar. - Any.do

    • Last week I shared resources for learning to code. Here’s more for teaching coding to kids.

    • If you haven’t already, go ahead figure out how your past year was & what you are going to do in the new one. - YearCompass

So I started reading “How will you measure your life” by Clayton M. Christensen. I am still not doing the 1 book per week target. The thing is that this is a book that forces you to keep it down & reflect. The thing is that, I am at a moment where I have taken a new path in my life. This book helps me structure my thoughts. Read the notes here.

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