HFC - The 5 Elements

Mar 23, 2020 3 min read

Hungry, Foolish & Curious - We talk about the people also can be like the 5 elements

This is the theory of my friend Vivek Advani. He has written a book(Unpublished) on this. Here is just my personal take & thought process on this topic. Its a evolving personal thought process, expect this blog to be edited, these are not well formed ideas, just ones in formation. Looking forward to disccusions on these.

The 5 elements of the universe are Space, Earth, Water, Air & Fire. We are also made of these 5 elements, though our nature is predominantly one of these, different elements lead us at different times. For example, we are emobdy the properties of Fire when angry & Earth when admanant.

Here we discuss the properties of these 5 elements & relate it with human nature.

Space: The all encompassing. The right & the wrong. The good & the bad. This element is not dependenant on any other element. It can exist singularly, without any of the other 4 present. It doesn’t control anything per se, but for anything to exist space is needed. Example: Monks

Space a very special element, it is mostly ignord. Similarly in all further discussions we don’t discuss the properties of space.

Earth: The earth is the most resilient. It doesn’t care about anything else. It doesn’t change whether you punch it or you light it up on fire. Earth values persistence & water is the most persistent of all elements, so when Water makes its way through Earth, Earth becomes the nourisher. Earth controls everything else by gravity, it keeps everything else close. (Mostly Fathers take up the role of earth)

Water: Every other element can be compressed but water can’t be. Water doses fire & when it can’t it transforms to Air.  When you try to compress Water with high pressure, it boils & transforms into Air. The purpose of water is to flow. Its by its virtue of flowing that it gives life. It just flows from the top to bottom. Its the most persistent of all elements, even when contained it gives birth to life (albeit not of the best kind) & still keeps trying to penetrate Earth. The purpose of water is just to flow & not to lead. (Teachers & Gurus come into this role. Probably the Marketing & Sales functions in a company need to take up the property of Water?) (Money also has most properties of Water)

Fire: Fire is dependent on Earth(elements) & Air. It feeds off the energy of these elements & needs new ones to burn through every moment. It originates where there is lot of friction or heat or high pressure. The only way to stop a fire is to limit its fuel, cut off its Air Supply or water. Water & Fire are the two opposites, they don’t mix. Fire leads, it can’t stop or follow, though Air can influence its direction. (Showbiz is all about being Fire). Even scamsters are all fire, the knowledge from teacher is the true antidote in this case.

Air: This is the element which is equivalent to space. True vacuum is absence of even a single atom(Air) & true vacuum doesn’t exist. Function of air is to equalise all by moving from high pressure area to low pressure area. It probably wants stillness, the status quo & is pushed around by the interaction & conflict of other elements. It just keeps attempting to resolve these conflicts?

Everytime Air tries to control itself, it results in a hurricane or cyclone, aka destruction. Probably the hurricane & cyclone is created by the conflict within self.

Air is the least friction element. That tells something about its nature. Air is the most ignored element & the most important. You can live without food(Earth) for months, Without Water for weeks, but without Air you cant live even for minutes.

Air is the most misunderstood element, but with proper leadership energises.

Probably Mothers, women in our homes take up this role.

Nobody is purely just any one element. We are mixture of all of these elements with different elements coming to fore at different times. It would be mistake to relate one person to just one element.

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